→ what the FUCK is going on with this blog?!

i just thought i'd take a moment to explain some shit...

after RS changed and my PRO membership was over, i moved as much as i could to MU. then, MU's servers were seized and shutdown. then i paid for a MF PRO account, but little did i know that was the worst thing to do because PRO-user had limited D/L bandwidth. so now files associated with that MF account had limits on how many D/L's allowed. so then i opened another MF account under the FREE-user plan, and that is what was used for the latest D/L's. i also tapped WUP and FF and still used DF. i am hoping the availability of files will be better with this set-up.

as for my request that anyone with ANY of my older files to upload them anywhere and then post the link here... i am serious and will accept ANYTHING that i previously offered that is no longer available. i don't have a 'want list' so whatever you are willing to re-rar/re-zip and re-upload WILL BE POSTED HERE to help those who missed out. (& include scans if you have them.)

as for re-up REQUESTS, i understand it's frustrating when something isn't available anymore. it might seem that your "request" goes unanswered, but i assure you, if i am able to locate it again, i will re-upload! 
the reason it takes so long for the re-up is because i don't have anything catalogued or properly sorted. after i blog something, it gets burned to disc and filed away. so in order for a request to be filled, i have to get lucky when i have the time to look through my collection. if i still have the original title, it's just a matter of re-ripping and re-scanning when i have time. if i sold off my original, then i need to find the back-up on disc, which isn't a speedy process to say the least. so, hopefully you can understand and be as patient as you've ever had to be for your re-up request to be filled. 
i'm not whining about any of these issues, cuz if i didn't like it, i'd end it. ;)
thank you!