October 05, 2012

☼ Haare ‎– Rautapilvi LP [single-sided]

Here's the latest rarity from Haare, the Finnish occult sound-smasher, presenting a new 20 minute work of ritualistic terror! A very eerie and atmospheric droney ambient piece conjuring ghostly sirens, hazey cloudy hallways and knives being sharpened. Sounds were taken from Circle “Forest” (Ektro Records; used with kind permission from the artist and label.) Call it a "collaboration," a "remix," call it “Rautapilvi.”
Limited to 100 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2012
Artist(s) Country: Finland
Label(s): Prison Tatt Records

Тrack Listing:
01. Rautapilvi (20:00)

320K (MF) -or-(DF)
FLAC (MF) -or-(DF)