July 24, 2012

☼ Sons Of Otis/Queen Elephantine - Split

Doom heavyweights Sons Of Otis, notoriously famous for producing some of the heaviest space-rock humans have ever experienced, have teamed up with young psychonauts Queen Elephantine to release a split album that is deathly slow, with meditative psychedelic vibes driving through the entire breadth. By the end of it, the listener can expect to have lost all grasp on real time and space.
The Sons Of Otis tracks are terrifyingly bare, with piercing other-wordly sounds attacking from the glow of a distant planet.
Queen Elephantine contributes a single paralysis-inducing epic track which slowly leads through several phases of droning mantra, opening portals and doorways down to the core of the Earth.

Год: 2007
Страна: USA / Canada
Лейбл: Concrete Lo-Fi

01. Sons Of Otis: Tales Of Otis (7:53)
02. Sons Of Otis: Oxazejam (9:58)
03. Queen Elephantine : The Battle Of Massacoit [The Weapon Of The King Of Gods] (25:51)

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Anonymous said...

This looks to be jut what I need... thanks very much!

leakingwater said...

Never heard of the other band but Sons of Otis alone guaratees a download from me. Thank you!

I. said...

could you please re-upload Iphar Clinic - Torture Music MC? link has expired.


Anonymous said...

Request: do you have OBJEKT/URIAN - Agitation or maybe even the other releases of OBJEKT/URIAN, would be realy nice in lossless ;)

Anonymous said...

I look for 3 videos " macrocephalous compost ", it would be great if you had them...
Thanks for advance !