April 28, 2012

☼ The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside / Obsessed By Cursed Wastelands (with Snakerider)

The Moon Mistress from Russia, and Snakerider from Ukraine, both borrow heavily from their bleak industrial landscapes and ancient orgiastic rituals to yield the rotten fruit of raw and twisted doom metal. Yet, with different approaches.
The Moon Mistress are more on the droning side of doom, combining faint vocals with creeping snail speed grooves with droning riffs overlaid with copious amounts of reverb, brooding guitar leads that are more likely supposed to shake your mind loose than represent some actual melody. While Snakerider are more gritty and raw in the traditional stoner-doom metal realm.
Mixing influences from Electric Wizard, Sleep and Weedeater, both bands bring heavy like a ton of bricks!

☼ The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside

Release Year(s): 2012
Artist(s) Country: Russian Federation
Label(s): Pestis Insaniae

Track Listing:
01. Gate One (1:03)
02. Cremation Meditation (4:09)
03. The Wicker Man (10:30)
04. Cease To Exist (7:01)
05. Invocation To Hecate (11:43)
06. Gate Two (0:37)
07. Samsara (5:30)
08. Silent Voice Inside (16:37)
09. The Moon Mistress (6:18)

Скачать [w/scans]:
320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)
FLAC PT.1 + PT.2 + PT.3  (MF) -or-  (DF)

☼ The Moon Mistress / Snakerider - Obsessed By Cursed Wastelands

Release Year(s): 2011
Artist(s) Country: Russian Federation / Ukraine
Label(s): Pestis Insaniae

Track Listing:
01. The Moon Mistress: VVitches (5:36)
02. The Moon Mistress: Metropolis (10:33)
03. Snakerider: Us, Who Saw The Reason (5:21)
04. Snakerider: In Her Eyes (2:46)
05. Snakerider: Cold Seas (9:03)
06. Snakerider: Four Twenty (4:55)

Скачать [w/scans]:
320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)
FLAC PT.1  + PT.2  (MF) -or-  (DF)

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