March 28, 2012

☼ Gruntsplatter / Slowvent - Split Release [re-post request]

Gruntsplatter (Scott E. Candey) has always been a maleable creature that hovers in the gray area between abrasive noise and dark ambient. Imagine huge, roaring bonfires with shadowy figures skulking about carrying dead things. A bit of tasteful synth work adds that extra brooding touch, confirming that mood and depth of composition have continually been of the first importance for Gruntsplatter.
Slowvent (Jonathan Lang) provides abrasive death industrial that's not so much harsh as it is brutal. Shifting distorted textures give way to odd drones, feedback, and the occasional looped rhythm. The sluggish soundscapes and low end distortions move like the grinding of tectonic plates... like boiling pitch, Slowvent generates thick, viscous, malleable visions of the obscure that gurgle and lick at something far deeper than your eardrums.
Unfortunately, after this release Slowvent was terminated.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 1998
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Crionic Mind

01. Gruntsplatter: The Flagellant (4:23)
02. Gruntsplatter: Ascending Marrow (4:40)
03. Gruntsplatter: Bloodsoil (6:15)
04. Gruntsplatter: Gravemound (8:37)
05. Gruntsplatter: The Prophetic Maw (5:32)
06. Slowvent: Slowvent (6:03)
07. Slowvent: Spectral Violence (4:19)
08. Slowvent: Untitled (6:17)
09. Slowvent: The Cold Slugs (6:28)
10. Slowvent: Rust Resurrection (3:06)
11. Slowvent: Impaired Descent (4:27)

Скачать: 256K(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(WUP)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Been looking for awhile.

P.S. what movie is your blog image from?

\m/etal\m/inx said...

glad i could help! :)

the image is from an '80s movie by Ken Russell called ALTERED STATES with William Hurt. it's a strange psychedelic movie about sensory-deprivation chambers aka. tank-tripping. it was pretty daring for a Hollywood film back then.