February 21, 2012

☼ Cloama - Neuroscan Organization LP / Decay. Decline. Destruction [+ Omei & Valence] / Valkoinen Kuolema/Belyi Smertz [+ Grunt]

Conceptually, Cloama is a dark and provocative vision of human life with the paradoxes of the mind brought out to the front. Cloama also co-operates the Neuroscan.org label which hosts STROM.ec, among others.

☼ Cloama – Neuroscan Organization LP

Cold sinister death industrial, banging & distorting muzak from Finland.
Limited to 250 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2002
: Blade Records / Spatter

Track Listing:
01. Tuhkajumala (4:50)
02. Neuroscan Organization (13:37)
03. Kunnes Kaikki Tuntuu Turhalta // Säälimätön Valhe (13:33)
04. Final Monument (3:35)

320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Omei/Cloama/Valence - Decay. Decline. Destruction.

A three way split of dark ambient, power electronics, and death industrial sounds. Omei (USA: Chris Goudreau, aka. Sickness) releases “The Desperation Sessions”; three minimalist compositions all sharing a common link in sample material and utilizing sub-bass frequencies with periodic outbursts of dialog and noise. Cloama (Finland: Jasse Tuukki from STROM.ec) continues where past releases left off, further exploring diversity with harsh electronics, environmental industrial sounds, rhythms and distorted vocals. Valence (Canada) is reliant on vocal manipulation. Compositions focus largely on boiling low frequencies contrasting with outbursts of harsh noise and controlled feedback.
Limited to 300 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2002
Artist(s) Country: USA / Finland / Canada
Label(s): Primitive Air Raid

Track Listing:
01. Omei: The Deepest Scars [Understand Me remix] (7:00)
02. Omei: Sleaze (9:36)
03. Omei: Last Gasp (10:10)
04. Cloama: Kontrolloitu Heikkous (5:14)
05. Cloama: Dissemination (4:05)
06. Cloama: Tomorrow Icon (9:11)
07. Cloama: Fanaattisuus Ennenkaikkea (4:00)
08. Valence: Gravesights Are They Sightings (5:21)
09. Valence: Resolution Dissolve (2:38)
10. Valence: Extinguished Lives With Burning Lust (6:55)
11. Valence: An Explanation Of Birds (9:22)

320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Grunt/Cloama –Valkoinen Kuolema/Belyi Smertz

Not much to say: 'Essential release of Finnish power electronics!' ~ Someone.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2002
Artist(s) Country: Finland
Label(s): Freak Animal Records

Track Listing:
»Belyi Smertz«
01. Grunt: Belyi Smertz (5:21)
02. Grunt: Mannerheim (5:29)
03. Grunt: Valheen Jäljet (4:35)
04. Grunt: Propagandan Uhrit (5:38)
»Valkoinen Kuolema«
05. Cloama: Provokaattori (5:28)
06. Cloama: Ⅲ Artikla (3:41)
07. Cloama: Sopimus (5:14)
08. Cloama: Valkoinen Kuolema (4:21)
09. Cloama: Salama (6:01)
»Live Collaboration«
10. Cloama & Grunt: Punainen Lumi (7:31)

320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

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