February 21, 2012

☼ Cloama - Nausea Of Humanity [+ Grunt] / Revisionist Knowledge / The Duellists [+ Gelsomina] / Lernaean Catacomb Complex MC

In existence since 1997, Cloama (Jasse Tuukki) specializes in crafting surreal industrial, power electronics, and ambient psychoacoustic noise soundscapes. Cloama's style(s) sometimes differ from release to release, never staying the same for too long.

☼ Grunt/Cloama - Nausea Of Humanity

Extreme Power Electronics from the two Finnish masters! Includes both acts together in studio sessions from 1999, mail collaborations, live collaborations from 2001 and also includes solo tracks from both acts. Includes a live collaboration from London 2004 with Gaya (Antichildleague) and Peter (Sektion-B) on guest vocals.

Release Year(s): 2005
Artist(s) Country: Finland
Label(s): Freak Animal Records

Track Listing:
01. Grunt & Cloama: Nausea Of Humanity (4:17)
02. Grunt & Cloama: 220187 (6:46)
03. Grunt & Cloama: Dangerous Entertainment (5:49)
04. Grunt & Cloama: Marssi (5:17)
05. Grunt & Cloama: 220187 [Live in Mäntsälä 2001] (5:40)
06. Grunt & Cloama: Reflections Of Pain [Live in Mäntsälä 2001] (5:03)
07. Grunt: Confession Of The Degeneration Fetishist (7:02)
08. Cloama: Konspiraattori (4:55)
09. Grunt & Cloama: And Then There Were Humiliation [Live in London 2004] (7:26)

Скачать [w/scans]:
320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Cloama - Revisionist Knowledge

This release marks the return of the more cruel and vicious side of Cloama! This release includes two different kinds of directions: The 1st 4 tracks are live (without an audience) recordings, recorded with amplifiers and a couple of good microphones. Painful and straight forward power electronics with vocals. The 2nd part is studio recordings with analogue synthesizers and other tools.

Release Year(s): 2005
Label(s): Freak Animal Records

Track Listing:
01. Disease Eradication (5:11)
02. Parasite Scanner (4:15)
03. Beloved Caesar (5:24)
04. Execution Irritation (4:23)
05. Revisionist Knowledge (8:33)
06. Degraded Thought Steganography [Part Ⅰ] (6:46)
07. Degraded Thought Steganography [Part Ⅱ] (3:58)
08. Irritation Execution (3:46)

Скачать [w/scans]:
320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Cloama + Gelsomina - The Duellists

A sick collaboration of unhealthy doses of extreme frequencies! Combining noise blasting & oppressive ambient…
Limited to 300 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2006
Label(s): New Old Sentinel / Musically Incorrect Records

Track Listing:
01. Part Ⅰ (11:54)
02. Part Ⅱ (7:35)
03. Part Ⅲ (10:07)
04. Part Ⅳ (16:55)

320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)

☼ Cloama - Lernaean Catacomb Complex MC

55 minutes of Cloama at its best! This release simply has everything you can wish from a highly detailed rhythmic power electonics/industrial release. There are STROM.ec-ish rhythmic loops, analog sequenzes, oriental style droning synth melodies, metal rhythms, melancholic electric guitar, speech samples and rough in-your-face vocals!
Hand-numbered and limited to 199 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2008
Label(s): Erratic Sporadicism Tapes

Track Listing:
01. From Twilight's Hands (4:11)
02. Slow Death (4:38)
03. Towards The Unseen Sun (5:43)
04. Voices Transformed Into Oblivion (2:30)
05. AWM (4:02)
06. Lingering Loyalty (3:47)
07. Live In Oulu, 21st of August 2007 (20:38)

Скачать [w/scans]:
320K (MF) -or- (DF)
FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)


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