January 27, 2012

☼ Brighter Death Now - Necrose Evangelicum [re-re-post] & Pain in Progress/Slaughterhause Invitation/The Slaughterhouse/Inner War

I'd like to give credit where credit is due, but this was offered to the blog from 'Anonymous' so whoever you are, we Thank You!
In addition to giving us the original D/L for this post, Anonymous has also included 4 others. (see links below)
Here is the original post write-up:
Part 1 is a digitally restored, re-mastered and re-mix of the original version.
Part 2 contains live recordings from a rehearsal for a concert in Vaasa, Finland, which ultimately got canceled.

Год: 1995-1996 (2008)
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: CMI

〜 Part 1: Recorded at the Soulgrave in 1995 〜
01. Willful (7:04)
02. Soul In Flames (7:41)
03. Impasse (9:46)
04. Rain, Red Rain (8:56)
05. Deathgrant (9:16)
06. Necrose Evangelicum [feat. Mortiis] (6:01)
〜 Part 2: Unlive in Finland 1996 〜
01. Open The Gates (7:20)
02. Impasse (8:07)
03. Soul In Flames (7:09)
04. Rain, Red Rain (8:09)
05. No Pain (5:23)

Скачать: (MF)

“Pain in Progress”(MF)
“The Slaughterhause Invitation”(MF)
“The Slaughterhouse”(MF)
“Inner War”(MF)

January 21, 2012


i have tons of stuff to offer, but D/L hosting sites are going down left and right, so finding a reliable one has gotten difficult.
i'm now asking if anyone has any of my original .rar files to please re-upload them to ANY file-hosting site you can, then post a comment with the URLs so the material can be re-posted here faster.
in the meantime, i won't be able to re-post as much as i was hoping to do, but i will be concentrating on offering material new to the blog.
thanks for any help, and sorry for this mega-fail.