December 15, 2011

☼ Christ On Parade – Insanity Is A Sane Reaction / Sounds Of Nature [re-issue] / Cheap, Deformed, Cassette EP

Christ On Parade was a mid-to-late '80s San Francisco East Bay political hardcore punk band, formed in 1985 by ex-members of Teenage Warning and peace-punks Treason. Their debut, "Sounds of Nature" was issued on Pusmort Records. The group featured vocalist Barrie Evans, guitarists Mike Scott and Noah Landis, bassist Malcolm Sherwood, and drummer Todd Kramer. Some members lived in the East Bay's legendary New Method Warehouse and they played shows with the Subhumans, Agnostic Front, Circle Jerks and Conflict.
They were an explicitly political band and their song "America the Myth" questioned the United States' foreign policy at the time, while they dedicated "Landlord Song" to the owner of the New Method Warehouse. With three of the members deep into skateboarding, their music was included on a compilation cassette issued by Thrasher magazine, "Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 3". Mike Scott left the band in 1986 and was replaced by guitarist Doug Kearney, and in late 1987 bassist Ron Nichols replaced the departing Sherwood. The group officially disbanded in 1989 after touring Europe. Landis would later form Blister (also with Kearney) before joining Neurosis in the mid 1990s. Evans formed psychobilly group The Hellbillys. Mike Scott joined Arkansas ex-pats Econochrist. Nichols formed Grinch after Christ On Parade broke up. The band has recently reunited for tours in both Canada and the United States.
These guys were one of my favorites at the time! :)

☼ Christ On Parade – Sounds Of Nature (Best of/Compilation)

Release Year(s): 2007
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Neurot Recordings

Track Listing:
01. Drop Out (2:22)
02. The Plague - Mirror Image (2:43)
03. Thoughts Of War [Teenage Warning cover] (0:59)
04. Flash [Teenage Warning cover] (1:31)
05. Chaos Breeder (1:32)
06. Another Country (1:33)
07. No Truth (1:24)
08. Landlord Song (2:07)
09. For Your Viewing Pleasure (1:01)
10. America The Myth (1:55)
11. Human Laboratory (2:19)
12. My Life [Teenage Warning cover] (1:52)
13. Don't Draft Me [Teenage Warning cover] (1:10)
14. Things Are Turning A Different Color)
15. Something To Live For (1:33)
16. Let Me Explain (2:10)
17. What's Love (2:32)
18. Words (2:03)
19. The American In Me [Avengers cover] (1:58)

※ Tracks 1-11 from "Sounds Of Nature" 12''EP (1985).
※ Tracks 12-13 from "Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 3" comp. MC (1985).
※ Tracks 14-19 from "Isn't Life A Dream" 7"EP (1986).

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☼ Christ On Parade – Insanity Is A Sane Reaction (Best of/Compilation)

Release Year(s): 1999
Label(s): FOAD Records

Track Listing:
01. Teach Your Children Well (2:37)
02. Joshua Brown (1:15)
03. Pressure To Succeed (2:47)
04. TV Media Mass Murder Celebrity (2:40)
05. Nothing To Live For (2:01)
06. Rock 'N Roll Armageddon (2:58)
07. Twenty Years (3:03)
08. Everyone's Crazy (5:37)
09. Riding The Flatlands (3:07)
10. Kill Your Landlord (1:39)
11. Stupid Questions [Not To Ask] (1:55)
12. Self-Serving (1:12)
13. Doctors (2:18)
14. Dead Meat (1:22)
15. Lifesucker (2:01)
16. Power (3:21)
17. Old MacDonalds Farm (3:11)
18. Final Solution (1:21)
19. Capitalist Manifesto (1:35)
20. Psychosomatics (1:25)
21. SSS (2:32)
22. Just Pretend (3:02)
23. Things Are Turning A Different Color (2:49)
24. Something To Live For (1:31)
25. Let Me Explain (2:07)
26. What's Love (2:30)
27. Words (2:02)
28. Rust (1:24)
29. The Day I Dread (1:53)
30. Leviathan State (2:58)
31. Cesspool (3:20)

※ Tracks 1-17 from "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing" LP (1987).
※ Tracks 18-22 from "Avarice" 7"EP (1988).
※ Tracks 23-27 from "Isn't Life A Dream" 7"EP (1986).
※ Tracks 28-31 from "The Final Demo" of unreleased tracks (1989).

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☼ Christ On Parade – Cheap, Deformed, Cassette EP

Release Year(s): 1985
Label(s): Mind Splatter Tapes

Track Listing:
01. For Your Viewing Pleasure (0:56)
02. No Truth (1:29)
03. Landlord Song (2:17)
04. Flash (1:32)
05. Drop Out (2:31)
06. Another Country (1:43)
07. Chaos Breeder (1:37)

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Anonymous said...

can you possibly re-up SUBKLINK - FEASTING ON SOULS. your like my last hope to here this recording. the old rapidshare link is dead. i was so excited when i found, then when it didn't work, i was bummed. hopefully you can re-post. many thnaks and btw, i love your blog, you put up some great stuff!

antidarling said...

I agree, Christ On Parade were a brilliant band, they had a great sound, the guitars - and the singers voice, along with the subject matter of the lyrics. To me they were the last in a long line of great American political punk that vanished as the 90s appeared...after this it was all dumb shit like Resist, or Defiance...or the shitty DIY vegan hardcore that Heartattack fanzine covered. Thanks for posting this, I have owned these records at some point on both vinyl and then CD - but now I just have the crappy WMP rips I made of the CDs...thanks for the upgrade.