November 07, 2011

☼ Omei - Choke 3"

As noted in previous posts on this blog, Omei is the death industrial side project of Chris Goudreau of Sickness.
This release is odd since it was never supposed to be available outside of the special release of Sickness “I Am Disease” 2002. That was an ultra limited private edition co-released by Ground Fault and Ninth Circle Music consisting of three releases in a metal boxed set. Besides the “I Have Become The Disease That Made Me” disc, the box featured 2x3" discs - Omei “Choke” & Sickness “Live In Italy” - individually packaged in cardboard sleeves with front and back covers pasted on them. The Omei picture sleeve had 'blade-débris' stuck all over it like glitter.
The version i've offered here was separate from the rest of the set, with no blade-débris on it. I am unsure if it was sold separately, given out for promo, offered at shows, or a give-away to friends, but i got mine at a used record shoppe. ;) Enjoy!
(The track was recorded between Sept. 2000 & July 2001 at Ninth Circle Studios.)

Release Year(s): 2002
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Ground Fault Recordings/Ninth Circle Music

Track Listing:
01. Choke (19:56)

Скачать [w/scans]:
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Josef Z. said...

WOW! There's something I thought I'd never hear. Many thanks for sharing this!
Do you by any chance have the 'Black Prayers II & III' tape on Hospital?

Anonymous said...

there was another edition (which i was lucky enough to buy) the first several copies (i forget how many now) from groundfault came with this disc(including insert with blood all over it), but without the sickness live in italy 3".

zxcvbn said...

very cool find. reminds me of this track!/item/10zey/Jason+Crumer+-+Pining