November 07, 2011

☼ Kraken Duumvirate - From The Dying Soil To The Eternal Sea EP

Kraken Duumvirate are a band that themselves are shrouded in secrecy, as the project has been kept to the forlorn underground for undoubtedly quite personal reasons. Little is known about the project other than it is apparently a duo of depressive experimental black metal musicians and that the music is largely sea-based and doom-ridden, feeding off the tragic ideal of being dragged into the abyss that is the ever-expansive sea and devoured. Though quite minimal, it takes at least a few listens through for one to really grasp all the beauty and despair that “From The Dying Soil To The Eternal Sea” has to offer. Somehow, this release is more than just black metal, more than just dark ambient or whatever you, as a human, are inclined to try to define and label it as.
It's as if Kraken's tendril reached out from great faceless waves, impelling you to take a bow where the heavens meet the waters. Seizing you to your knees, forcing to gaze to the veiled bottomless depths…
This release is the first part in the series of experiencing the concealed underwater mysteries manifested through forward thinking experimental black metal with a slightly technical edge and doom leaning.
Limited to 800 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2008
Artist(s) Country: Finland
Label(s): Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions

Track Listing:
01. I Descend (1:40)
02. From The Dying Soil To The Eternal Sea (13:17)
03. Devour Me (5:37)

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