October 29, 2011

☼ Athenian Mercury – Becoming Pixelated Through Anesthesia And Twilight 7''EP

Revolving door noise group Athenian Mercury (the name taken from an old Salem, MA. newspaper of the 'Witch Trial' days.) was started by two key members, Steev Thompson and Chris Peeples, by sending each other recorded pieces back-and-forth over the internet, mixing them into layered experimental electronics and psychedelic harsh noise.

Release Year(s): 2004
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): X Died Enroute Y

Track Listing:
01. Another Overlooked Disaster Waiting To Happen (7:25)
02. Fixated On Tada (2:52)
03. After Thought Of An After Party Murder (3:39)

Скачать [w/scans]:
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FLAC(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)

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