July 13, 2011

☼ Nocturne - Terroriser-Manipuler-Convaincre

This is a concept album built around the figure of Doctor Mabuse, the anti-hero of Norbert Jacques's novel, the genius of crime and chaos, the genius of finance in a slow falling world in the first part of 1900. Slow moving uncompromising industrial and abrasive power-electro, using analog instrumentation mixed up with sounds from the beginning of the last century and many samples in German language taken from the legendary movie.

Год: 2006
Страна: France
Лейбл: Old Europa Cafe

01. Prologue (11:16)
02. Herr Schaft Des Berbrechens (3:05)
03. Le Règne Des Fous (6:30)
04. Doctor Baum (6:28)
05. Section 2B! (7:17)
06. Mabuse Est Un Géni (5:34)
07. L'Hopital Et Ses Folies (5:33)
08. Mabuse Parle (3:28)
09. La Ballade Des Conspirateurs (1:20)
10. Terroriser-Manipuler-Convaincre (2:31)
11. Epilogue (2:04)

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