July 22, 2011

☼ Monte Cazazza – The Worst Of / The Cynic

Monte Cazazza is an American industrial music & culture pioneer, who has performed with or aided many acts such as Factrix, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. A true legend!

☼ Monte Cazazza – The Worst Of Monte Cazazza

“The Worst Of Monte Cazazza” is compilation of tracks by Monte Cazazza and associated acts.
Monte Cazazza conjures up a harsh, huge monster, who, if given the chance, will bite your head clean off. His music is harsh industrial in the purest sense. Opening with “Psychiatric Report,” an actual real life report of the man Monte himself, the album immediately sets the tone taken up by Throbbing Gristle of; 'let's be as offensive and disgusting as we can.' Indeed there are a few spoken word tracks on the album, from the eerily sincere “To Mom On Mother's Day,” in which Monte waxes lyrical about how great his mum is and how perverse he is, “Kick that Habit Man” - a song about Monte judging someone and forcing them to give up heroin, to “Rabid Rats,” the completely engrossing tale of how Vietnamese soldiers were inflicted with rabies, and how 'rabies is the worst way for a human to die.' The album really is a brutal and punishing exercise, not only in Cazazza's ability to make the music, but the listener's ability to take frightening and disgusting body blow after body blow. The great thing about the album though, and in general the first wave of industrial music, is the sense of humour of the musicians is directly in contrast to the horrendous and often disgusting subject matter. Cazazza, and his contemporaries Throbbing Gristle, are excellent examples of this sense of humour, prevalent in industrial music.

Год: 1992
Страна: USA
Лейбл: The Grey Area

01. Bart Alberti, M.D.: Psychiatric Review (2:10)
02. Monte Cazazza: To Mom On Mother's Day (3:26)
03. Monte Cazazza: Candy Man (2:33)
04. Monte Cazazza: Rabid Rats (Vietnam) (2:09)
05. Monte Cazazza: Distress (2:21)
06. Monte Cazazza: Mary Bell (2:23)
07. Monte Cazazza: Kick The Habit Man (2:04)
08. Monte Cazazza: First / Last (5:14)
09. Monte Cazazza: Tiny Tears (1:39)
10. Monte Cazazza: Stairway To Hell (4:50)
11. Monte Cazazza: Sex Is No Emergency (2:59)
12. Monte Cazazza: A Snitch Is A Snitch (8:59)
13. The Love Force: Six Eyes From Hell (4:45)
14. The Love Force: Liars (Feed Those Christians To The Lions) (5:26)
15. The Atom Smashers: A Is For Atom (6:10)
16. The Atom Smashers: If Thoughts Could Kill (6:36)
17. The Atom Smashers: Mark Of The Devil (6:19)
18. The Love Force: Climax (8:00)

※ Track 1 was specially recorded for this release by a PhD in Psychology who presents his "clinical" analysis of Cazazza (1991).
※ Tracks 2 & 3 are from the To Mom On Mother's Day 7" (Industrial Records, IR005, 1979).
※ Track 4 was previously unreleased (1978).
※ Tracks 5, 6, 7 & 8 are from the Something For Nobody 7" (Industrial Records, IR0010, 1980).
※ Track 9 was previously unreleased (1979).
※ Tracks 10 & 11 are from the Stairway To Hell/Sex Is No Emergency 7" (Sordide Sentimental, SS45007, 1982).
※ Track 12 from the Pin-Points On A Nation compilation cassette (Fifth Column, 1984).
※ Tracks 13, 14 & 18 are previously unreleased (1990).
※ Tracks 15, 16 & 17 are from the First Strike LP (Pathfinder Records, PTF 8621, 1986).

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☼ Monte Cazazza – The Cynic

He's back! No, not the man behind the mask, but the man who coined the term "Industrial music for industrial people" for Throbbing Gristle and unwittingly unleashed a new musical genre. “The Cynic” is the first album from cultural mortician and the same sick fuck who gave us such delights as ‘Mary Bell’ and ‘To Mom On Mother's Day’ (see above!) though the Monte Cazazza of today doesn't plummet to the same depths. From the opening deep dark droning soundtrack stylings of ‘Interrogator’ “The Cynic” presents an eclectic collection of tracks, with the aid of Lustmord on additional programming and production and Freddy-G (Gianneli) on guitars. It's hardly surprising that much of this sounds old though; “The Cynic” has been talked about for years. There's an EST interview with Lustmord from the early ‘90s where he cites “The Cynic” as a future release on his now defunct Side Effects label.
“The Cynic” isn't really going to appeal to anyone looking for industrial music but anyone (like me) who remembers Monte Cazazza's output as a solo artist or as The Atom Smashers is gonna fuckin' love this!

Год: 2010
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Blast First Petite

01. Interrogator (6:23)
02. A Gringo Like Me [Ennio Morricone cover] (4:21)
03. Break Number One (4:35)
04. Terminal (8:18)
05. Venom (5:52)
06. What's So Kind About Mankind [feat. Lydia Lunch] (10:07)
07. Birds Of Prey (6:09)

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scarfish69 said...

"in which Monte waxes lyrical about how great his mum is and how perverse he is" Awesome and disturbing, two things that should never appear in the same sentence. Makes me think of Ed Gein or something. I've heard the name but never any of his work. So, thanks for the introduction.

"Mary Bell, child from hell
Where are you now?
Are you doing well?"

Lazarus Long said...

I was here many times before, but today it was the first time that I've found something special, so let me say thank you. Since I only listen to MP3s when I'm on the road, it made me especially happy to find the two albums as Flacs. Again thank you for the Monte Cazazza's and for this funny blog. Thats all for today. Wish you well.

Righteous Pig said...

Thanks for the cynic, D. keep up the work and FOAD to all hipsters and posers.

Lazarus Druid said...

Thanks for those. I had no idea that The Cynic had been released & I'd long since lost The Worst Of ...
I look forward to visiting you a great deal as this is a fine first impression.