June 06, 2011

☼ Seven Pines - The Garden Of Fand / Nympholept / Le Cri / Histoire De L'Ours

Eric Rogers is a familiar name in the neo-folk scene for his recurrent work as trumpet player for Sol Invictus, and other projects like The Orchestra Noir and the ever infamous Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand.
For those that have never heard Seven Pines or the work of Gaë Bolg, you are in for a very unique experience. Imagine a Heathen that knows no laws or boundaries. Eric Rogers draws upon all the majesty and bronze of classical and liturgical music but transforms it into a new creature filled with excess and the spirit of Prometheus. Seven Pines continues in the long journey of sanctifying the beliefs and passions of the free heathen heart in the lucid tapestry of music. Seven Pines, like its sister project Gaë Bolg, revitalizes the spirit and infuses the heart with a fire that only a true kindred spirit could muster. Bask in the grandeur of choirs, bellowing vocals, fierce music, neo-classical romanticism and the eternal struggle. Seven Pines does not deliver a new age infused journey filled with sparkling sounds and rushing creeks. Nor does it stay strictly confined to liturgical traditions or Classical music standards. (read: fans of dark ambient industrial will dig it, too) Instead Eric Rogers draws upon these numerous influences and combines them with modern studio manipulations and modern instrumentation. The result is an ancient journey told in new words, sounds and songs. Both fierce and delicate the music is promised to lift your spirit and carry it when darkness falls.

☼ Seven Pines - The Garden Of Fand

Somewhere between troubadour-esque, militaristic and medieval music. A fascinating album, which is highly recommend!

Release Year(s): 2001
Artist(s) Country: France
Label(s): self-released

Track Listing:
01. Fand (5:03)
02. La Rumeur (4:50)
03. Le Jardin Des Mensonges (5:49)
04. Abandonne (4:39)
05. Tintagel (3:21)
06. L'Ile Des Morts (2:19)
07. Dorian (4:29)
08. Le Reve De Fand (3:33)
09. Les Jardins De Fand (2:46)
10. Le Danseur De L'Ombre (4:10)
11. Le Vieil Homme (2:31)
12. Reverie (3:24)
13. Ma Reine (3:28)
14. Sirenes (7:36)

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☼ Seven Pines - Nympholept (Limited Edition)

Yet another incursion into the magical world of Fand!
This special edition was limited to 1000 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2003
Label(s): Dysphorie Records

Track Listing:
1-01. Nuages Blancs (2:23)
1-02. Forêts (4:50)
1-03. L'appel Des Nymphes (6:15)
1-04. Chanson Des Terres Sauvages (4:32)
1-05. Printemps De Pierre (6:54)
1-06. Vagues (5:55)
1-07. Fleur D'Ange (6:25)
1-08. Ivresse Quotidenne (5:18)
1-09. Nympholept (5:54)
2-01. Nuages Gris (3:50)
2-02. Ombres I (31:07)
2-03. Terres Sauvages (2:52)
2-04. Ombres II (4:34)
2-05. Untitled (0:47)
2-06. Untitled (12:15)

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☼ Seven Pines - Le Cri

The follow-up to “Nympholept” -- psychedelic, dark and depressive!

Release Year(s): 2006
Label(s): Le Cluricaun

Track Listing:
01. Ensemble (4:12)
02. Le Cri [1ère Partie] (4:52)
03. L'Âge Des Loups (5:36)
04. Zoé (2:31)
05. Fêtes (4:21)
06. Je Rêve D'Être Une Star (5:35)
07. Les Yeux Clos (8:10)
08. Le Cri [2ème Partie] (30:21)

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☼ Seven Pines - Histoire De L'Ours

Completely different from the previous release! Composed in 2002, this was originally recorded as a soundtrack for the film “Bleu Fire” directed by Chia Hui Gao, but never used for the film. Completely instrumental, dreamy, lot of nostalgic tunes that get quite dark toward the end.

Release Year(s): 2006
Label(s): Le Cluricaun

Track Listing:
01. Histoire De L'Ours (3:46)
02. Les Amants (3:04)
03. Cortège (5:01)
04. Les Danseurs (3:46)
05. Dervish Tourneurs (4:23)
06. Le Songe (3:03)
07. Chambre Avec Vue (3:15)
08. Poursuite (3:47)
09. Le Cimetière (1:27)
10. Les Jumeaux (5:05)
11. Pluie (3:11)
12. Les Cerfs Volants (4:06)
13. La Petite Bergère (1:26)

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