June 04, 2011

☼ Moonblood - Supreme Black Force Of German Steel

(an online friend wanted a rip of this, so i figured i'd put it on the blog. for Jens!)
«from liner-notes» Moonblood is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and mysterious German black metal bands. To read a Moonblood interview is rare, because the dark souls of Moonblood quit doing interviews in 1995 because of the "total commercial attack towards the underground scene! The best way to stay underground is not to appear anywhere!!"
Moonblood is no longer. The band began in 1993 with Darkthrone and Bathory influences, but it seems that the millenium [sic] ended the bands collaboration.
Moonblood always worked for the limitation of their releases. As the band was exceedingly productive, the vast range of their works are available only as rehearsals or ultra limited LP and cassettes. The last work to be released is from “End All Life” on LP and released in 100 units. No CD, no represses, and is sold out forever.

Release Year(s): 2004
Artist(s) Country: Germany
Label(s): bootleg

Track Listing:
~Pt.1~ “Taste Our German Steel”
01. Embraced By Lycanthropy's Curse (7:48)
02. Sarg & Tod [Part II] (6:01)
03. Then Came The Silence (6:20)
04. Apocalyptic Vision (9:26)
05. The Angel's Lament (6:06)
06. A Walk In The Woods (6:16)
~Pt.2~ “We Are At War!”
07. Burning In Hell (4:55)
08. These Graves & Wooden Coffins Are My Realm (10:55)
09. The Quest After The Doctrines Of Mighty & Wisdom (9:09)

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