June 06, 2011

☼ Seven Pines - The Garden Of Fand / Nympholept / Le Cri / Histoire De L'Ours

Eric Rogers is a familiar name in the neo-folk scene for his recurrent work as trumpet player for Sol Invictus, and other projects like The Orchestra Noir and the ever infamous Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand.
For those that have never heard Seven Pines or the work of Gaë Bolg, you are in for a very unique experience. Imagine a Heathen that knows no laws or boundaries. Eric Rogers draws upon all the majesty and bronze of classical and liturgical music but transforms it into a new creature filled with excess and the spirit of Prometheus. Seven Pines continues in the long journey of sanctifying the beliefs and passions of the free heathen heart in the lucid tapestry of music. Seven Pines, like its sister project Gaë Bolg, revitalizes the spirit and infuses the heart with a fire that only a true kindred spirit could muster. Bask in the grandeur of choirs, bellowing vocals, fierce music, neo-classical romanticism and the eternal struggle. Seven Pines does not deliver a new age infused journey filled with sparkling sounds and rushing creeks. Nor does it stay strictly confined to liturgical traditions or Classical music standards. (read: fans of dark ambient industrial will dig it, too) Instead Eric Rogers draws upon these numerous influences and combines them with modern studio manipulations and modern instrumentation. The result is an ancient journey told in new words, sounds and songs. Both fierce and delicate the music is promised to lift your spirit and carry it when darkness falls.

☼ Seven Pines - The Garden Of Fand

Somewhere between troubadour-esque, militaristic and medieval music. A fascinating album, which is highly recommend!

Release Year(s): 2001
Artist(s) Country: France
Label(s): self-released

Track Listing:
01. Fand (5:03)
02. La Rumeur (4:50)
03. Le Jardin Des Mensonges (5:49)
04. Abandonne (4:39)
05. Tintagel (3:21)
06. L'Ile Des Morts (2:19)
07. Dorian (4:29)
08. Le Reve De Fand (3:33)
09. Les Jardins De Fand (2:46)
10. Le Danseur De L'Ombre (4:10)
11. Le Vieil Homme (2:31)
12. Reverie (3:24)
13. Ma Reine (3:28)
14. Sirenes (7:36)

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☼ Seven Pines - Nympholept (Limited Edition)

Yet another incursion into the magical world of Fand!
This special edition was limited to 1000 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2003
Label(s): Dysphorie Records

Track Listing:
1-01. Nuages Blancs (2:23)
1-02. Forêts (4:50)
1-03. L'appel Des Nymphes (6:15)
1-04. Chanson Des Terres Sauvages (4:32)
1-05. Printemps De Pierre (6:54)
1-06. Vagues (5:55)
1-07. Fleur D'Ange (6:25)
1-08. Ivresse Quotidenne (5:18)
1-09. Nympholept (5:54)
2-01. Nuages Gris (3:50)
2-02. Ombres I (31:07)
2-03. Terres Sauvages (2:52)
2-04. Ombres II (4:34)
2-05. Untitled (0:47)
2-06. Untitled (12:15)

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☼ Seven Pines - Le Cri

The follow-up to “Nympholept” -- psychedelic, dark and depressive!

Release Year(s): 2006
Label(s): Le Cluricaun

Track Listing:
01. Ensemble (4:12)
02. Le Cri [1ère Partie] (4:52)
03. L'Âge Des Loups (5:36)
04. Zoé (2:31)
05. Fêtes (4:21)
06. Je Rêve D'Être Une Star (5:35)
07. Les Yeux Clos (8:10)
08. Le Cri [2ème Partie] (30:21)

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☼ Seven Pines - Histoire De L'Ours

Completely different from the previous release! Composed in 2002, this was originally recorded as a soundtrack for the film “Bleu Fire” directed by Chia Hui Gao, but never used for the film. Completely instrumental, dreamy, lot of nostalgic tunes that get quite dark toward the end.

Release Year(s): 2006
Label(s): Le Cluricaun

Track Listing:
01. Histoire De L'Ours (3:46)
02. Les Amants (3:04)
03. Cortège (5:01)
04. Les Danseurs (3:46)
05. Dervish Tourneurs (4:23)
06. Le Songe (3:03)
07. Chambre Avec Vue (3:15)
08. Poursuite (3:47)
09. Le Cimetière (1:27)
10. Les Jumeaux (5:05)
11. Pluie (3:11)
12. Les Cerfs Volants (4:06)
13. La Petite Bergère (1:26)

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June 04, 2011

☼ Mike Dred / Peter Green – The First Machine Codes Compilation 1993-1997

In celebration of the restart of the Machine Codes label in 2010, and in anticipation of the new CODE1010 Kosmik Kommando LP, here's some way-early stuff for ya'll to freak-out on until then ;)
Mike Dred is the general pseudonym of experimental techno DJ, producer, and sound engineer Michael C. Cullen, of Lowestoft, UK. He has been a leading DJ since 1983, a producer since 1988, a sound designer since 1992, and is considered an important figure in the development of acid techno and innovative usage of the Roland TB-303, associating him with fellow artists Tom Middleton, Aphex Twin, and Matthew Herbert. He is also known as The Kosmik Kommando, Universal Indicator, Chimera, Machine Codes, Space Avenger, and DJ Judge Dred. He was the first artist other than Richard D. James to release a project on Rephlex. His clear vinyl "Kosmik Kommando EP" was the 3rd release and was given a catalogue number CAT007 on account of his interest in James Bond. In addition, the Universal Indicator records released on Rephlex are amongst the most collectible recordings in the history of techno music. Mike Dred established the Machine Codes record label in 1993 and also recorded for R&S Records and R&S Records offshoot Diatomyc. He has also collaborated extensively with the electro-acoustic artist Peter Green (not to be confused with his namesake, the blues-rock guitarist Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac fame) and has produced a one-off collaboration with techno producer Dr. Fernando.
As well as presenting new developments in electronic and computer music, Mike has also given lectures on Sound Design and Synthesis. Mike is the inspiration behind Electro-acoustic Music being represented on a more popular level. His works with Peter Green dating from 1995 educated & inspired the likes of Richard D. James aka. The Aphex Twin to discover the genre culminating in the signing of LPs by Robert Normandeau, Senior Lecturer in Acoustics and Electro-acoustics at the Universite de Montreal, Canada and experimentalist Pierre Bastien from France. This helped further establish Rephlex Records as the premier UK electronic label. Mike Dred and Peter Green’s early sonic experiments prompted Dave Robinson, then Editor of Future Music (November 1995, Issue 37), to write: "We boldly call ourselves Future Music. But how often do we bring you something so forward-looking, yet at the same time so contemporary that it might - just might set the agenda for the next post-techno, post-analogue phase?"

Release Year(s): 1997
Artist(s) Country: UK
Label(s): Machine Codes

Track Listing:
01. Mike Dred: Helta Skelta (6:26)
02. Mike Dred: After The Tears (6:52)
03. Mike Dred: My Bassline Is The Melody (6:11)
04. Mike Dred: Reach Inside (6:04)
05. Mike Dred: Face The Future (6:05)
06. Mike Dred: Retrospective (6:23)
07. Mike Dred: Wash The Telly (5:03)
08. Mike Dred & Peter Green: Monkey Systems One-Oh-Seven (4:41)
09. Mike Dred & Peter Green: Grrearra Falcon (5:24)
10. Mike Dred: Marsh Mallow (6:16)
11. Mike Dred: Down On Marne Avenue (6:32)
12. Peter Green: Modus Vivendi (10:43)

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☼ Moonblood - Supreme Black Force Of German Steel

(an online friend wanted a rip of this, so i figured i'd put it on the blog. for Jens!)
«from liner-notes» Moonblood is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and mysterious German black metal bands. To read a Moonblood interview is rare, because the dark souls of Moonblood quit doing interviews in 1995 because of the "total commercial attack towards the underground scene! The best way to stay underground is not to appear anywhere!!"
Moonblood is no longer. The band began in 1993 with Darkthrone and Bathory influences, but it seems that the millenium [sic] ended the bands collaboration.
Moonblood always worked for the limitation of their releases. As the band was exceedingly productive, the vast range of their works are available only as rehearsals or ultra limited LP and cassettes. The last work to be released is from “End All Life” on LP and released in 100 units. No CD, no represses, and is sold out forever.

Release Year(s): 2004
Artist(s) Country: Germany
Label(s): bootleg

Track Listing:
~Pt.1~ “Taste Our German Steel”
01. Embraced By Lycanthropy's Curse (7:48)
02. Sarg & Tod [Part II] (6:01)
03. Then Came The Silence (6:20)
04. Apocalyptic Vision (9:26)
05. The Angel's Lament (6:06)
06. A Walk In The Woods (6:16)
~Pt.2~ “We Are At War!”
07. Burning In Hell (4:55)
08. These Graves & Wooden Coffins Are My Realm (10:55)
09. The Quest After The Doctrines Of Mighty & Wisdom (9:09)

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June 03, 2011

☼ Mania - Ultra-Negative

Keith Brewer isn’t your average run-of-the-mill power electronics artist. Rather than bludgeoning the listener with totally unbearable noise and excruciating digital whine (although those elements are there) he creates a subtly unnerving and discomfiting effect, using minimalist and sparse instrumentation combined with voice samples and distorted vocals. It’s the sonic equivalent of the quiet twinkly-eyed next door neighbor who gives sweets to kids and helps out in the community but who actually turns out to be a twisted sadistic serial killer who has a dark secret in his basement. ;)
Limited to 250 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2008
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Freak Animal

Track Listing:
01. Mercenary (3:36)
02. Ultra-Negative (4:10)
03. Corkscrew (13:04)
04. Blowtorch (13:01)

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