April 08, 2011

☼ Machinefabriek - Weleer

Machinefabriek's music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, drone, noise and field recordings, to create 'films without image.' Influences include Fennesz, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and especially Oren Ambarchi.
The word “Weleer” is Dutch for 'at a previous time' (at least it is according to a very helpful online dictionary) and this gigantic double disc set is exactly that. For those who aren't in the know, Rutger Zutdervelt is the prolific producer who came to light in ‘06 with the release of the frankly awesome “Marijn” album (also on Lampse), and before long we twigged that he wasn't a one-album kinda guy. Far from it! He was writing practically an album a month! Across over 50 releases, which he has released over the last five years, he has amassed hour upon hour of music, and what's more, he's managed to keep a consistent level of quality which makes us all wonder how the hell he does it!? But let's be honest now, with that many super-limited releases there's very little chance that any of us are going to be able to collect all of them, so Lampse, in their infinite kindness, have painstakingly put together this informed retrospective of the man's work... a sort of potted history of the very best of Machinefabriek. Where “Marijn” was almost a continuous work from beginning to end, realized very carefully and constructed in a very short time, “Weleer” takes tracks spanning right across two years of production, and while for most artists that might not be a long time, for Zuydervelt it might as well be four decades. What amazes me about this collection is how perfectly constructed it is, it moves haphazardly between styles and forms, but it feels like these tracks were always supposed to fit together in this sequence, and rather than appearing like there are missing segments it feels like you are gaining an understanding of Zuyderwelt's work by listening to the music in this way. The scope is obviously a great deal wider than “Marijn”; here we see the work of Machinefabriek on a truly wide playing field - he experiments with blissful ambience, field recording, grinding Merzbow-esque analogue noise, gorgeous guitar drone and simple, playful melodic motifs - yet at no point does it ever feel like he is out of his depth. This is one of those rare albums where you can truly hear the hand of a master at work, and while we are still basically at the beginning of a young producer's career, “Weleer” stands as proof that he is almost guaranteed a place in experimental/electronic music history. The knowledge he has of 'where things go', his sense of timing and placement just astounds me. Nothing seems misplaced and nothing seems overdone or underdone, for that matter. Each track bubbles, and effervesces beauty, tension and life. Simply put, “Weleer” is both an incredible starting point for those of you as yet unfamiliar with the work of Machinefabriek, and an indispensable collection for signed-up fans. There's just so much to sink your teeth into here, it is almost impossible to go into any more detail. Highly Recommended!

Год: 2007
Страна: Holland
Лейбл: Lampse

1-01. Oi Polloi (4:12)
1-02. Uiterwaarde (6:04)
1-03. Chinese Unpopular Song (2:52)
1-04. Color Rosa (1:32)
1-05. Hieperdepiep (13:12)
1-06. Voor Het Meisje Met Mijn Dooie Mus (1:42)
1-07. Onweer (3:49)
1-08. Stotterpiano (1:24)
1-09. Roes 9 (6:11)
1-10. Wintervacht (7:21)
2-01. Schrijven [feat. Boudewijn Betzema] (1:18)
2-02. Donderwolk (3:16)
2-03. Bye Bye Boat, Bye Bye Building (4:15)
2-04. Kale Bomen Langs De Weg (3:45)
2-05. Gruis Uit Het Plafond (1:49)
2-06. Lief (20:06)
2-07. Roes 4 (2:23)
2-08. Carps (Soccer Committee cover) [Remix] (2:09)
2-09. Maris (3:22)
2-10. Ryan (2:18)
2-11. Fluister (4:15)
2-12. Monster (6:55)

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