April 08, 2011

☼ Ethernet - 144 Pulsations Of Light

Tim Gray, the California ambient musician who records under the name Ethernet, wants to heal you... literally. In a press release accompanying “144 Pulsations Of Light” explains Gray's intent behind the record was to 'apply trance-inducing sonic effects to drone-ambient music... to produce an introspective sonic environment conducive to self-healing work and voyaging into new states of awareness.' That's a pretty ambitious claim to make about one's own music, and whether or not you buy into Gray's ideas about the medicinal qualities of his album, there's no doubt that Ethernet sits nicely alongside the meditative sounds of artists such as Gas, Boards of Canada, and Stars of the Lid.
Rather than expanding upon one type of drone or ambient, Gray looks to synthesize a few of the more pleasant strains of both genres -- working in particular towards blending Wolfgang Voigt's muted propulsion with the airier groans of avant-pop groups like Talk Talk. “144 Pulsations Of Light” aims for an ambient techno/light drone fusion. Swirling distorted synths through trance-like depth-charge bass pulses is what Ethernet has to offer.

Год: 2009
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Kranky

01. Majestic (5:59)
02. 5+7=12 (6:55)
03. Summer Insects (7:26)
04. Vaporous (8:37)
05. Seaside (5:49)
06. Kansai (5:43)
07. Temple (12:47)

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Anonymous said...

nice to see you back posting lots of stuff as in the good old days. i don't like everything, but thanx for it all!
what about another sick-pak?

Anonymous said...

Big big thanx for this one!

Anonymous said...

This is just Wonderful.