April 07, 2011

☼ Aun - VII

Aun is Martin Dumais, one of the figureheads of the Montréal burgeoning experimental electronic scene. Aun's bi-polar output generally shifts between dreamy lulling harmonic distortion, to sheer gut wrenching ultra down-tuned avant black dirge. The aspects that make Aun's music compelling, oddly familiar, and yet ultimately idiosyncratic are the many overlapping rings that make up its Venn diagram: there is his love of noisy guitar (Swans, Sonic Youth) and cold minimalist keyboards (Kraftwerk, Suicide); you can hear baroque elements of classical music, especially when Dumais’ violin is drawn into the mix; more slippery is the provenance of his ambient leanings, which at times resemble early to mid ‘90s isolationist works by Justin Broadrick or Akira Rabelais, or more contemporary analogues from Eluvium or Tim Hecker. When quizzed on his less obvious influences, Dumais volunteers “Troum's constant musical integrity, […] Stars of the Lid make some of the most beautiful music at the moment. Robin Guthrie, Jon Hassel and listening to my old Mike Oldfield and ‘70s period ECM records albums, recently.”
On Aun's “VII” release, the previously mentioned 'gut wrenching ultra down-tuned avant black dirge' is the chosen output. Of strong melodic and compositional sense, impossibly detuned guitars and electric power surges soar through deep space and into black holes. While demented acid fueled fiddlers torments the high ends, ghostly cow-boy melodies and industrial strength psychedelia are time kept by Away, of prog-speed legends: Voïvod! Playing (tracks 2,3,4) an uncharacteristic strain of jazzy, motorik and tribal rhythms, Away traps the surreal electrocution state of “VII” which is complemented by a mystical and symbolic heavy Justin Bartlett adornment. Fantastic! (whew! what a mouthful;)

Год: 2010
Страна: Canada
Лейбл: Important Records

01. Drainbow (5:56)
02. Broken Hill (9:48)
03. Falcon (11:01)
04. Blackhole (9:24)
05. Untitled [Bonus Track] (9:29)

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scarfish69 said...

This is just naice. Of course, Away being thrown in the mix makes me a little biased. By the way, I remember reading a couple of comments on here concerning flac. If you ever decide to simplify things by just posting flac I, for one, wouldn't mind. It's easy enough to convert. Whatever makes it less work on you and keeps you online is all that matters. Anyway, once again, thanks for all the awesomeness. I'm glad you're still uling scans despite saying you wouldn't be doing that any more (I think).