March 31, 2011

☼ Toner Low - II LP

Toner Low, from Leiden (Holland), have been around for about 12 years. Starting off as a more or less traditional, yet quite direction-less, stoner/space/guitar-rock band. They gradually evolved into heavy psychedelic-doom droners that emphasize on crushing riffs and minimalism with an overwhelmingly massive sound. With a new line-up, “II” is released to rave reviews in the international doom and stoner-community. The riffs are up to a maximum and the vocals down to a minimum. The electronic-samples are of dark psychedelia, and the songs are the longest Toner Low had ever recorded at the time. This album's sound is heavier and more massive than ever before in their history! It will crush you! ;)

Год: 2008
Страна: Holland
Лейбл: Freebird Records

01. One (13:38)
02. Two (14:05)
03. Five (13:36)
04. Three (19:01)

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rickets said...

thanks for this, looking forward to hearing it. Good to see you back again!