March 31, 2011

☼ Gunt - Instruments Of Hell

Albert Fish was maybe one of the greatest examples of sociopathic disconnect in our modern history. Child rapist, masochistic sadist, murderer, cannibal, god complex, you name it it's there.
Aptly named “Instruments Of Hell” (after the implements of work tooled by Fish himself.) Gunt presents us with 10 tracks of horror-vibed death noise. Full of grinding distorted throbs, high frequency feedback, and well placed samples. This release grinds along at a queasy deathly pace, methodical and depraved, unraveling the grisly details of the man who would later be known widely as America's worst serial killer.
Simple, but effective.

Год: 2006
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Dumping Ground Recordings

01. Corpus Delecti (5:55)
02. Undinism (6:10)
03. Piquer Acts (4:37)
04. Weird Torture Rituals (3:56)
05. Sexual Psychopathy (2:07)
06. Must And Mildew (3:43)
07. Fetid Pit (3:03)
08. Hungry For More (4:52)
09. Appalling Odyssey (2:11)
10. The Insanity Defense (3:00)

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