March 31, 2011

☼ Schmerz - Old School Misanthropy

Not to be corn-fused with the depressive black metal band from Germany, this Schmerz is a Polish industrial/power electronics project by HMK, Ichor75, and Mgła.
Should feel right at home with the likes of Haus Arafna, Sektion B, Genocide Organ, The Grey Wolves, Thorofon, etc.
Limited to 300 pieces.

Год: 2007
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: New Nihilism

01. Natural Born Prey (7:25)
02. Old School Misanthropy (6:39)
03. Pigday II (5:29)
04. Hosts Of The Almighty Truth (11:39)

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☼ Gunt - Instruments Of Hell

Albert Fish was maybe one of the greatest examples of sociopathic disconnect in our modern history. Child rapist, masochistic sadist, murderer, cannibal, god complex, you name it it's there.
Aptly named “Instruments Of Hell” (after the implements of work tooled by Fish himself.) Gunt presents us with 10 tracks of horror-vibed death noise. Full of grinding distorted throbs, high frequency feedback, and well placed samples. This release grinds along at a queasy deathly pace, methodical and depraved, unraveling the grisly details of the man who would later be known widely as America's worst serial killer.
Simple, but effective.

Год: 2006
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Dumping Ground Recordings

01. Corpus Delecti (5:55)
02. Undinism (6:10)
03. Piquer Acts (4:37)
04. Weird Torture Rituals (3:56)
05. Sexual Psychopathy (2:07)
06. Must And Mildew (3:43)
07. Fetid Pit (3:03)
08. Hungry For More (4:52)
09. Appalling Odyssey (2:11)
10. The Insanity Defense (3:00)

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☼ The Human Quena Orchestra - Means Without Ends / The Politics Of The Irredeemable

Pittsburgh's Human Quena Orchestra is the well crafted doom-influenced industrial-noise sludge solo project from Ryan Unks, who had previously played guitar in the techgrind combo Creation Is Crucifixion, but don't be expecting grind or even technicality, this all the way on the other side of the spectrum.

☼ The Human Quena Orchestra - Means Without Ends

Abject, filthy, pummeling, slow motion noise drenched doom, “Means Without Ends” is a plodding sonic monster of guitars, not just distorted, but treated and twisted into harsh, skin scraping, caustic slabs of sinister sound, a low end so thick, it's like dunking your head in a cement mixer, insane sounding drums, each snare crack like the recording of a million breaking windows, each kick drum the sound of a slowed down car wreck. And beneath it all, thick swells of black ambience, drifting and slithering, pulsing and swelling. A lurching, stumbling blackened doom dirge behemoth!

Release Year(s): 2007
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Daft Alliance

Track Listing:
01. The Doctrine Of Signatures (1:54)
02. The Ballad Of Ayn Rand (8:37)
03. A Wheel For Quinn (1:55)
04. Believer (5:19)
05. Fascist Haircut (16:37)
06. A Bow For Guattari (3:53)
07. Savior (3:58)
08. To Be Without Ends (1:17)
09. To Eat One’s Way From The Inside Out (6:27)

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☼ The Human Quena Orchestra - The Politics Of The Irredeemable

“The Politics Of The Irredeemable” incorporates elements of black metal, crushing drone music, extreme psychotropic noise and psych/krautrock influences into a sound much heavier than his previous work. Six tracks of nightmarish, punishing doombience and earthshaking riff tectonics.

Release Year(s): 2009
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Crucial Blast

Track Listing:
01. Progress (12:36)
02. Mores [part 1] (4:00)
03. Mores [part 2] (13:42)
04. Aspiration (7:22)
05. Denial [part 1] (5:56)
06. Denial [part 2] (8:53)

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☼ Toner Low - II LP

Toner Low, from Leiden (Holland), have been around for about 12 years. Starting off as a more or less traditional, yet quite direction-less, stoner/space/guitar-rock band. They gradually evolved into heavy psychedelic-doom droners that emphasize on crushing riffs and minimalism with an overwhelmingly massive sound. With a new line-up, “II” is released to rave reviews in the international doom and stoner-community. The riffs are up to a maximum and the vocals down to a minimum. The electronic-samples are of dark psychedelia, and the songs are the longest Toner Low had ever recorded at the time. This album's sound is heavier and more massive than ever before in their history! It will crush you! ;)

Год: 2008
Страна: Holland
Лейбл: Freebird Records

01. One (13:38)
02. Two (14:05)
03. Five (13:36)
04. Three (19:01)

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