February 28, 2011

☼ Plante - Shroud Of Winter | Fripping Awesome / Temples On High MC

Andrew Plante creates extended soundscapes, utilizing guitar and stomp box effects to conjure the heavy-drone of Sunn O))) [without sounding 'metal'] along with the techniques of Robert Fripp.

☼ Plante - Temples On High MC

Plante lays down a thick set of amplified guitar drones with support from Breathing Flowers’ McKinley Jones on synth. A 25 minute slow-motion drift that ends in a field of white light – it’s amazing what you can find in Kansas City these days. ;)
Was limited to 100 pieces, and is now sold-out.

Год: 2010
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Sweat Lodge Guru

01. Temples On High, Part 1:The Chariot (19:45)
02. Temples On High, Part 2:Journey Of The Twins (14:27)

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☼ Plante - Shroud Of Winter / Fripping Awesome

Recorded back in December 2008 by Justin Wright, Plante offers up four lengthy tracks of heavy doom drones. The first two are from Plante’s debut MC release, “Shroud Of Winter” and are his first studio recordings. Also included is “Fripping Awesome” -- Plante’s tribute to the great Fripp & Eno -- each constructed in the looped tradition of the duo’s early excursions. Plante's take is a sure fire resemblance to the originals, but these are not covers. They're sprawling interpretations of.
Both MCs were limited to 100 pieces and are now sold-out.

Release Year(s): 2010
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Sonic Meditations

Track Listing:
01. Shroud Of Winter (11:55)
02. Shroud Of Dust (12:09)
03. Fripping Awesome (13:48)
04. Plantertronics (13:22)

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Peter said...

I see you've started sharing lossless. Awesome! looking forward to future posts! Hope this is not an exception.

Anonymous said...

yes keep the flac coming

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these.

Anonymous said...

absolutely, don't stop the flac, if you want to drop one, drop the mp3, people can convert down easily enough themselves.

and thanks for really what has got to be one of the classiest music blogs out there.

Anonymous said...

Marc Broude - Psychological Warfare - Out of Print 7" (2006)

1. Psychological Warfare (5:51)
2. Suffer (5:41)

Mediafire link: