February 06, 2011

☼ Minamata - Methylmercure MC / Tomoko Uemura / Niigata / [Cyclator[ (w/DVD9)

Minamata is a legendary French industrial group, named after the Japanese city, where in 1954 there was a major technological accident causing severe pollution. Minamata appeared in the mid ’80s and performed as a trio a few years. Being radical and provocative at that time, they were competing with the likes of Le Syndicat, etc. But then the creator of the group (Tiburce aka. Philip Eskartan) dismissed the remaining members and continued to record music in solitude under the name La Nomenklatur, and Tiburce... bringing back Minamata only in the late 2000's. Some records of Minamata and La Nomenklatur were published on Tiburce's own label, Les Nouvelles Propagandes.
Minamata plays pure old school electronic industrial (because they are) with large metal percussion and a wild roar of distorted voices.

☼ Minamata - Methylmercure MC

Release Year(s): 1985
Artist(s) Country: France
Label(s): Europa

Track Listing:
01. Kimigayo (6:47)
02. Kiushu (5:42)
03. Donne Un Poisson A Celui Qui A Faim Et Tu Le Nourris Pour Un Jour ; Apprends Lui A Pêcher Et Tu Le Nourris Pour La Vie (4:42)
04. 1953 (6:25)
05. Chin Nippon Chisso (5:22)
06. Minamata (6:38)
07. Ataxie (8:12)
08. Krampfhates Koma (9:59)

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☼ Minamata - Tomoko Uemura

Release Year(s): 1991
Artist(s) Country: France
Label(s): Les Nouvelles Propagandes

Track Listing:
01. Disturbance In Speech (4:38)
02. Primitive Reflex (18:17)
03. 121 Cases Of Minamata Disease (9:14)
04. Involuntary Movement (5:00)
05. Last Farewell (9:36)
06. Oxydrhyle [1985] (6:12)
07. Emle [1985] (6:51)
08. Stahlstich [1985] (3:30)

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☼ Minamata - Niigata

(this was moved from a previous post from Feb. 26, 2010 and placed here for continuity.)
Originally limited to 50 pieces, here's a re-issue of the 3rd MC release by this legendary French group. Recorded in 1985, it's their most powerful material (at the time), combining old school industrial, noise, and power electronics. This is the sound of agony! In addition to the complete "Niigata 1964-1965" MC, also included are two compilation tracks recorded during the same period, plus one previously unreleased 17 minute track recorded in 2002.

Release Year(s): 1985-1986 / 2002 (2007)
Artist(s) Country: France
Label(s): Zone de Confusion

Track Listing:
01. Niigata [Part 1] (4:11)
02. Niigata Fetal Case (9:55)
03. Niigata [Part 2] (6:04)
04. Niigata [1965] (5:39)
05. Es Ist Schwer.../...Zu Leben (7:50)
06. Niigata [1964] (7:13)
07. Wo Sind Sie (5:48)
08. Nacht Und Nächte (5:38)
09. Niigata [2002] (17:17)

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☼ Minamata - [Cyclator[ (w/DVD9)

Limited to 500 pieces.
This full length studio album release also included a great dual-layer DVD with the complete live performance from Antwerp on 21.04.2007, plus a bonus section of all the background video (with music) used for the live show. All video edited by Tiburce specially for Minamata April 2007 Performance at Antwerp.

Release Year(s): 2009
Artist(s) Country: France
Label(s): Les Nouvelles Propagandes

Studio Audio Track Listing:
01. Kumamoto [Cyclator4-055640[ (5:35)
02. Ministry Of Health [Cyclator1-094539[ (9:04)
03. Shiranui Sea [Cyclator2-115408[ (5:22)
04. Chisso's Acetaldehyde [Cyclator3-115408[ (10:50)
05. Nothing Was Done [Cyclator10-144331[ (13:34)
06. Hunter Russel Syndrome Report [Cyclator8-043818[ (4:18)
07. Homage To Tomoko Uemura [Cyclator5-152602[ (14:10)

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Live Video Track Listing:
01. Kumamoto [Cyclator 4[
02. Chisso's Acetaldehyde [Cyclator 3[
03. Ministry Of Health [Cyclator 1[
04. Shiranui Seal [Cyclator 2[
05. Nothing Was Done [Cyclator 10[
06. Hunter Russel Syndrome [Cyclator 8[
07. Homage To Tomoko Uemura [Cyclator 5[

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