February 02, 2011

☼ Azoikum - Anthropophagy

Azoikum is a well-known power electronics act, founded in 1997 by German noise musician Stefan Widmann. The contents Azoikum uses are mainly sick and dark subjects, going deep into the depth of humanity's madness and depravity, for the most part from a rather misanthropic point of view. Although concentrating on traditional power electronics and harsh noise the sound of Azoikum is varied, with bits and pieces of death industrial, dark ambient and experimental electronics to be found. Azoikum also involves a lot of black humour because the outfit uses many industrial and power electronics clichés ad nauseam, especially in video projections during live performances.
After a 3-year hiatus Azoikum re-started activities in 2008. Welcome back!
This release was limited to 100 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2009
Artist(s) Country: Germany
Label(s): Cipher Productions

Track Listing:
01. Intro - Todesfuge (3:28)
02. Blutbilder (5:56)
03. Anthropophagy (4:51)
04. Axis Of Hypocrisy (5:48)
05. Herde (3:31)
06. Shoa (3:25)
07. Mindstorms IV (7:30)
08. Thrown Into A Godless Void (8:06)
09. Nekrophagen (5:34)
10. Mörder Pt. IV (5:13)
11. To A Master [Theodore Robert Bundy] (6:47)
12. Dangling Dictator (4:41)
13. Dein Fleisch [Wüstefeld BBQ] (12:15)

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