January 29, 2011

☼ RM74 - Fireproof In 8 Parts + Part 9: Lofire (Bonus)

Reto Mäder works at the periphery of music and noise with a weakness for atonal boxhauling and melancholic melodies. He scrapes surfaces and reveals very personal tracks filled with desperate, contemplative, but also grippingly paranoid moments full of frequencial surprises. The pieces of Mäder’s studies of aleatoric electro-acoustics includes a broad spectrum of sound sources like piano, organ, guitar, amp, harp, analogue and digital electronics, computer and field recordings.
Mäder has been actively involved in electro-acoustic music since 1995. This resulted in 4 solo albums, a collaboration with RLW (aka. Ralf Wehowsky) and in being a part of the actionist music group Ohne, together with Dave Phillips (Schimpfluch Gruppe, ex-Fear Of God), Tom Smith (To Live And Shave In L.A.) and Daniel Löwenbrück (owner of 'Tochnit Aleph' label). Since 2006 Reto Mäder runs the label Hinterzimmer together with Roger Ziegler.

Release Year(s): 2007
Artist(s) Country: Switzerland
Label(s): Hinterzimmer

☼ RM74 - Fireproof In 8 Parts

Track Listing:
01. Part 1: A Stroke Of Lightning (6:31)
02. Part 2: Passionate (4:29)
03. Part 3: Exaudi! (6:23)
04. Part 4: Quirk (2:37)
05. Part 5: Unearth (4:44)
06. Part 6: Orchulence II (7:02)
07. Part 7: Involve (6:52)
08. Part 8: Morbus Fidel (6:28)

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☼ RM74 - Part 9: Lofire (Bonus)

Track Listing:
01. Night Enfold (3:38)
02. Mellow (5:19)
03. E-S-R-E-V-E-R (4:32)
04. Klavtarups (5:24)
05. Temporary Undo (3:16)
06. Zweitagsfliege (2:50)
07. Scharlach In Saldo (8:39)

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