January 31, 2011

☼ Monde Bruits - Portuguese Man-Of- War MC / Purgatory MC / Psychosomatic Performance MC / Selected Noise Works ‘93-‘94 / Monde Bruits

Monde Bruits (モンド・ブリュイッツ) (French for 'noise world') was the Japanese noise music project of Shōhei Iwasaki (岩崎昇平). The project was one of the earliest in Japan's noise scene, and it was Iwasaki who organized Masami Akita's first Merzbow show in Osaka, Japan. Iwasaki was also in a project with Akifumi Nakajima of Aube called Sian. Sadly Shōhei died on April 14, 2005 in an accident, bringing Monde Bruits to an end, thus he never released all that much. Of those limited releases, here are five! Monde Bruits punishes your senses with heavy and dense harsh noise, shrilling 'dentist-drill' sonics, and tripped out synth-scapes… and did it years before it became the hip retro thing to do. (yeah, you tell em!).

☼ Monde Bruits - Portuguese Man-Of- War MC [single-sided]

Release Year(s): 1991
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label(s): Vanilla Records

Track Listing:
01. Portuguese Man-Of-War (31:42)

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☼ Monde Bruits - Purgatory MC

Release Year(s): 1992
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label(s): Dolor Del Estamago (originally on G.R.O.S.S.)

Track Listing:
01. In To Purgatory (22:45)
02. Out Of Purgatory (23:07)

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☼ Monde Bruits - Psychosomatic Performance MC

Release Year(s): 1993
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label(s): G.R.O.S.S.

Track Listing:
01. Live At Bears Osaka [November 6, 1991] (19:09)
02. Live At Bears Osaka [July 9, 1992] (20:45)

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☼ Monde Bruits - Selected Noise Works ‘93-‘94

Release Year(s): 1994
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label(s): Endorphine Factory

Track Listing:
01. Selected Noise Works ‘93-‘94 (61:29)

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☼ Monde Bruits - モンド・ブリュイッツ [Self-Titled]

Release Year(s): 1999
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label(s): Alchemy

Track Listing:
01. もう少しだけこのまま [JoJo広重 cover, Live at Zokei Center, Osaka 10 Oct.1998] (9:40)
02. Mass [part 1] (9:05)
03. Touch [Live at Bears, Osaka 11 Dec.1995] (11:33)
04. Powershift (21:21)
05. Hallelujah [Live at Gospel, Tokyo 21 Feb.1993] (10:32)
06. Irresponsibility (11:04)

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☼ Furbowl - Those Shredded Dreams (Special Edition)

Furbowl was formed in 1991 when Johan Liiva left Carnage and hooked up with his old friend Max Thornell on drums (both would form Hearse in the 90’s). After a few demos, Furbowl recorded their debut album “Those Shredded Dreams” in 1991. The album was produced by Carnage/Carcass guitar player (and long-time friend of the band) Michael Amott (Arch Enemy) who also played some leads on the album. Not surprisingly, Michael asked Johan to join Arch Enemy some years later.
Originally released in 1992, this 2009 re-issue features a bonus disc with demo and live tracks. In 2011 this was re-issued again, but this time as a 3xLP vinyl box set, adding much more material.
For fans of Entombed “Left Hand Path,” Darkthrone “Soulside Journey,” Carnage “Dark Recollections,” Dismember “Like An Ever Flowing Stream,” Seance “Fornever Laid To Rest,” Unleashed “Where No Life Dwells,” Grave “Into The Grave,” etc.,etc.

Release Year(s): 1992 (re-issue 2009)
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Vic Records

Track Listing:
1-01. Damage Done (9:29)
1-02. Nothing Forever (4:03)
1-03. Razorblades (4:16)
1-04. Desertion (2:45)
1-05. Sharkheaven (3:55)
1-06. Those Shredded Dreams (6:59)
2-01. Hymn For Nathalie Rose [Demo 1993] (1:37)
2-02. Heart Inferno [Demo 1993] (4:36)
2-03. Only Inhuman [Demo 1993] (4:55)
2-04. Buried Alive [Venom cover] (3:15)
2-05. Sharkheaven [Live 1993] (3:49)
2-06. Razorblades [Live 1993] (4:56)
2-07. Day Man Lost [Live 1993 / Carnage cover] (1:31)
2-08. Nothing Forever [Live 1993] (4:34)
2-09. Desertion [Demo 1991] (3:20)
2-10. Sharkheaven [Demo 1991] (4:10)
2-11. Nothing Forever [Demo 1991] (4:18)

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January 29, 2011

☼ RM74 - Fireproof In 8 Parts + Part 9: Lofire (Bonus)

Reto Mäder works at the periphery of music and noise with a weakness for atonal boxhauling and melancholic melodies. He scrapes surfaces and reveals very personal tracks filled with desperate, contemplative, but also grippingly paranoid moments full of frequencial surprises. The pieces of Mäder’s studies of aleatoric electro-acoustics includes a broad spectrum of sound sources like piano, organ, guitar, amp, harp, analogue and digital electronics, computer and field recordings.
Mäder has been actively involved in electro-acoustic music since 1995. This resulted in 4 solo albums, a collaboration with RLW (aka. Ralf Wehowsky) and in being a part of the actionist music group Ohne, together with Dave Phillips (Schimpfluch Gruppe, ex-Fear Of God), Tom Smith (To Live And Shave In L.A.) and Daniel Löwenbrück (owner of 'Tochnit Aleph' label). Since 2006 Reto Mäder runs the label Hinterzimmer together with Roger Ziegler.

Release Year(s): 2007
Artist(s) Country: Switzerland
Label(s): Hinterzimmer

☼ RM74 - Fireproof In 8 Parts

Track Listing:
01. Part 1: A Stroke Of Lightning (6:31)
02. Part 2: Passionate (4:29)
03. Part 3: Exaudi! (6:23)
04. Part 4: Quirk (2:37)
05. Part 5: Unearth (4:44)
06. Part 6: Orchulence II (7:02)
07. Part 7: Involve (6:52)
08. Part 8: Morbus Fidel (6:28)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ RM74 - Part 9: Lofire (Bonus)

Track Listing:
01. Night Enfold (3:38)
02. Mellow (5:19)
03. E-S-R-E-V-E-R (4:32)
04. Klavtarups (5:24)
05. Temporary Undo (3:16)
06. Zweitagsfliege (2:50)
07. Scharlach In Saldo (8:39)

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☼ Herpes Ö DeLuxe - Kielholen

Herpes Ö DeLuxe, formed 1995, is a four piece group from Bern, Switzerland working in a musical field between atmospheric noise, electronica bruitiste, sombre soundscapes and harsh drones. Their instruments are partly analogue electronic gear, partly self-built and deconstructed tools like tape loops and turntables that are (mis-)used as rhythm machines. All of which enable the quartet to create electronic and acoustic soundscapes, ranging from ambient sounds and playful collages to devastating, rhythmic noise attacks.
This release contains selected excerpts from the Herpes Ö DeLuxe archive (1997-2005) assembled and produced at Hinterzimmer in Bern 2006.

Release Year(s): 2007
Artist(s) Country: Switzerland
Label(s): Hinterzimmer

Track Listing:
01. Fern Der Hoffnung (6:55)
02. Funkenflug (6:27)
03. Tief Unten (5:20)
04. Ruhig Stellen (6:06)
05. Im Moos (5:26)
06. Boiled Rice (5:32)
07. Nichtsdestotrotz (7:12)

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