November 07, 2010

☼ Tôle-Ache - La Mort Danse Au Paradis

The French industrial artist Tôle-Ache was founded in late 1990 by David Dufour. Because of his study in England & Germany, plus his military service, he was only producing short industrial music tracks on tapes, using simple material like low-fi mixers, tape recorders, LP-players, and only one analogue synth. After a few cassette tape releases, ("N.o S.elf K.ontrol" MC, "Experimental Music For Experimental People" MC) David's first full-length vinyl LP was released. It contained selections from those early tape releases, plus some new recordings. It was originally released in 1998, limited to 200 copies, which sold-out in 2 months. This re-release includes that whole LP plus 3 bonus tracks which were taken from "Power Me Up!" released in 2000 by M.N.D.R. as special box-set edition of the "Break The Line!" LP
The tracks on this re-issue have been remastered at Blue Lounge Studios, Berlin in Feb. 2009.
True 'old-school'-industrial in its evil pureness. Brutal and raw, vibrant and rhythmical, with cut-ups and distorted voices: a maelstrom of chaos and feedback. One of the more interesting industrial releases of the '90s.

Release Year(s): 1998 (2009)
Artist(s) Country: France
Label(s): Break The Line! (Disorder Records)

Track Listing:
01. Destruction Of Thierry:Physical Destruction / Mental Destruction (10:17)
02. Experience Totale (4:50)
03. Douce Melodie De Mon Enfance (7:34)
04. La Rectification (11:51)
05. Le Tablaeu Vivant, L'Oeuvre Morte (6:01)
06. Mon Coeur Bât Une Derniere Fois (3:58)
07. Power Me Up! [Live At Break The Line!] (2:39)
08. Look At Me! (11:05)
09. Prostitution (17:17)

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btw, in addition to less scans, posts offering FLAC will be fewer because most of you don't d/l that format, and it takes extra time getting it together. i'm not bitter about it, it's just how it is. sorry... and thanx! :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to clear your brain out y'know? Thanks for this, it's going to help.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back SSA after almost a month since your last posts !!!!
Now,if you can post the other Tole Ache releases you mention on the post comments (tapes etc),it would be heaven (not only for me i m sure).
Keep on doin this great job

rickets said...

thanks for's good to have you back

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Hello :)

I would like to ask if you have this album:

Gorngoltz - Ave Totalitarismus.

Thank you very much.

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Good feelin to know that you are still there!

Keep on truckin...

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I am sad about ur decision to no more upload flac. Maybe if u add eac logs and a cue many more pplt would load it because its always a much better and much more intense experience to hear such sound in all frequencies not cut at a specific bitrate.


Phobos said...

The last thing I want is to tell you how you should run the blog. But you shoud give a second thought about the scans...
Thanx for your great work.

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Thanks! Great blog, one of the best...never stop!

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Shame about the FLAC decision.