October 01, 2010

☼ Green Army Fraction - Wolves Of Wotan/Norrlandsvisor/Against The Secular State/Airyanem Vaejah/Caste War/Basement Conspiracy/Greater&Lesser Holy War

Green Army Fraction is a one-man-strife against the decayed values of present day society. Experience a journey thru harsh droning electronic landscapes, junk metal abuse, ear-bleeding feedback, with vokillz spitting filth toward the modern world (plus occasional pulsating instrumental death industrial pieces) churning into putrid abusive power electronics to ruin your day! ;)
[my favorite is the tape release at the very bottom of this post.]

☼ Green Army Fraction - Wolves Of Wotan 7''

Limited to 111 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2002
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Robben Island Records

Track Listing:
01. Wolves Of Wotan (5:23)
02. Allah's Retribution (6:18)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Green Army Fraction - Norrlandsvisor 3''EP

Limited to 200 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2005
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Misanthrope Studio

Track Listing:
01. Norrlandsdröm (2:27)
02. Northern Swedish Pagan Steel (6:03)
03. Feminists Need Sodomy (4:34)
04. Absorbed By The Plutocratic-Socialist Vagina (7:36)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Green Army Fraction - Against The Secular State

Digital 'business-card' release. Limited to 35 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2007
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Corrosive Art Records

Track Listing:
01. Traces Of The Lord [Intro] (1:48)
02. Crush The Secular State (4:13)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Green Army Fraction - Airyanem Vaejah MC

Limited to 88 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2008
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Cult Cassettes

Track Listing:
01. Ahura Mazda I (14:45)
02. Airyanem Vaejah (4:17)
03. Ahura Mazda II (10:42)

Скачать: ALL 4 [320K](RS) -or-(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)

☼ Green Army Fraction - Caste War - Back In Their Place

Release Year(s): 2006
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Steinklang Industries

Track Listing:
01. Caste War - Back In Their Place (5:53)
02. Eurasian Love-Song (4:49)
03. Jarnaldersrunor (4:18)
04. In Defence Of Reality (3:11)
05. Democracy (4:38)
06. Eldbon (2:14)
07. Cleanse And Disentangle (3:19)
08. Yggdrasil 3000 (4:17)
09. Heliga Nord (3:37)

Скачать: 320K(RS) -or-(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)
Скачать: FLAC(RS) -or-(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)

☼ Green Army Fraction / Third Mind - Basement Conspiracy

Third Mind was active in the early 2000s, created during an orgy of drugs and alcohol. But shortly after the project was born, that 'party animal' became a family man, then eventually a literary scholar of high calibre, who plays football and hardly goes out to the pub anymore.
The seven tracks that make up his half of the release is highly brain cutting power electronics, and probably the only thing that will ever be available by this artist from this point forward. This release memorializes the many long-day beer orgies in a stinky basement in Sweden.
Limited to 200 pieces.

Release Year(s): 2007
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Zero Tolerance

Track Listing:
01. Green Army Fraction: American Rapture (6:02)
02. Green Army Fraction: We Will Light Our Torches (4:51)
03. Green Army Fraction: Die Standing (3.33)
04. Green Army Fraction: Basement Debasement (6:28)
05. Green Army Fraction: Justified Violence (4:24)
06. Green Army Fraction: We Want War (4:50)
07. Green Army Fraction: Kleine Göttin (3:16)
08. Third Mind: Unacceptable (4:05)
09. Third Mind: Feminists Are Sexy (2:05)
10. Third Mind: Fist Full Of Dollars (2:07)
11. Third Mind: White Trash (5:31)
12. Third Mind: Malfunction (3:12)
13. Third Mind: Asleep At The Switch [Live] (4:16)
14. Third Mind: Coline The White House Nigger [Live] (2:59)

Скачать: 320K(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)-or-(DF)
Скачать: FLAC(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)-or-(DF)

☼ Green Army Fraction - The Greater & The Lesser Holy War MC

Limited to 199 pieces.

Release Year(s)
: 2009
Artist(s) Country: Sweden
Label(s): Erratic Sporadicism Tapes

Track Listing:
01. I) The Greater & The Lesser Holy War (17:30)
02. II) CCR-5 Mutation (5:03)
03. III) Nihilism / Transcendence (6:24)
04. IV) Kill Every Last Member Of The IHEU (6:10)

Скачать: 320K(RS) -or-(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)
СССССССС-or-(NAROD) -or-(IFOLDER)——————————————————————————————————————————————
Скачать: FLAC(RS) -or-(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)


Taake said...

Amazing project! Do you have Chlorophyll Flood?

Thank you very much.

Taake said...

P.S. If I'm not asking too much, if you happen to have Chlorophyll Flood, it will be possible to UL it in lossless format?

Thank you again.

doomicus said...

great project, i'm especially a fan of "conservative and full of hate". also, while i'm here, if it's not too much trouble i have a request of sorts. i noticed that you have lull - like a slow river posted, any chance of uploading anything else by that project, particularly either "continue" or "moments"?

thanks for the amazing blog.