September 26, 2010

☼ Terg / Mensch Schmerz Interaktion - Verdrängen [November 2009 re-post]

This split release will really fuck with your sanity!
First, Dutch act Terg destroys everything in your head with three tracks in the new style as proposed on "Instinctive Death," leaving behind only chaos and disorder. Fast, harsh noise for fans of Incapacitants.
Then, German project Mensch Schmerz Interaktion infiltrates and infects with hypnotizing, brainwashing sounds. Not just brutal, but also atmospheric, reminding of power electronics projects like Control.

Год: 2006
Страна: Netherlands / Germany
Лейбл: :VENE: [Voor Een Nieuw Europa]

01. Terg: Inner Pain - Inner Torment (13:20)
02. Terg: Something To Remember (14:44)
03. Terg: That's How You'll Die (9:20)
04. Mensch Schmerz Interaktion: Verdrängen [Teil 3] (15:04)
05. Mensch Schmerz Interaktion: Angstzustände (15:37)
06. Mensch Schmerz Interaktion: Kopfhölle (8:24)

Скачать: VBR(RS) -or-(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)

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Any chance of a re-up?