September 24, 2010

☼ Oattes Van Schaik - The Limit (aka. Love Attaxx) [October 2009 re-post]

"Say Yeah," the biggest hit on this album, still brings goose bumps when Gwen Guthrie starts her chorus ‘So many memories, how sweet how love can be…’ with on sax David Sanborn. This album is generally seen as one of the best Dutch 80’s disco funk albums.
The Limit are Bernard Oattes and Rob Van Schaik who released their first single under the name The Limit. Due to legal reasons they couldn’t release their debut album under their name The Limit in America, when they signed with Portrait (an Epic/CBS label). They had to change the artwork and released it under ‘Oattes Van Schaik' (formerly The Limit) with the album name "Love Attaxx." In Holland, Oattes Van Schaik belonged to the top of (crossover) dance music and the single "Say Yeah" scored in many counties. I heard Ed DMX (Krew) loves it! ;)

Год: 1985
Страна: The Netherlands
Лейбл: Portrait

01. Miracles (5:22)
02. Could This Be Love (4:38)
03. Everything About You (4:18)
04. Love Attaxx (3:51)
05. Say Yeah (5:25)
06. Destiny (3:58)
07. Let Me Go (3:51)
08. Crimes Of Passion (5:20)

Скачать: 256K(RS)

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