September 15, 2010

☼ METAxU - METAxU [September 2009 re-post]

by request...
METAxU was founded by Maurizio Martusciello (martux_m) and Filippo Paolini (Økapi) in Rome 1997. Their common ground is the work into the electroacoustic experimentation as composers and improvisors. Their use of tapes, samples, scratching techniques and lo-fi means allows a sort of "acoustic microscopia," rich in rubble, casts and lost memories.
The plagiarist and collage effort of Paolini and Martusciello, ideas of "reduced listening," typical of the acousmatic experience, create an acoustic isomorphism where the meeting point is not an organization principle, but a means of transport: "No form develops, but some effects move, some becomings catapult themselves."
This release was recorded at Økapi Studio, Rome 11/1999, by Maurizio Martusciello & Filippo Paolini.

Год: 2000
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Plate Lunch

01. -4849 (5:19)
02. -4325 (5:53)
03. -3733 (7:11)
04. -3022 (5:39)
05. -2444 (6:40)
06. -1803 (4:03)
07. -1400 (8:18)
08. -0543 (5:46)

Скачать 320K:(RS)


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