September 15, 2010

☼ Lust Vessel:First Phase 2008 MC's:Gaze Campaign, Karasyozoku, Tongue Knax, Polar Moldmentous, Rhizome Angle Naked Coda [September 2009 re-post]

Here's the 'First Phase' from the New Wave of Japanese Noise cassette label, Lust Vessel.
These are 5 intense releases from some of the best in the NWOJN scene. Unfortunately, all of them are sold out, and now fetching collector prices. (around 20£UK/30$US as of 2010.)
I sure hope the only reason for the apparent label hiatus is that they're readying more quality releases, and perhaps forging new world-wide distribution alliances, because all involved need more exposure, imo.
This is great stuff, so if you're a fan of death industrial, power electronics, and noise, check these out now! Don't be shy ;)

Год: 2008
Страна: Japan
Лейбл: Lust Vessel

Скачать: ALL 5 RELEASES(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)

the exact same versions are also available individually…

☼ Gaze Campaign - Gestalt Bruise MC [LV#001]

Debut from Japan's most intolerant and uncompromising death industrial / power electronics artist, combining harsh and adsorbent electronics, tape loops, cut-ups, metal percussion, junk abuse and acidulated vokillz. They're grrrrrrrreat! ;)
Limited to 150 pieces.

01. Arch For Dead End (4:22)
02. Double Suicide (5:28)
03. Burlesque (9:10)
04. Carnal Harvest (5:02)
05. Doomed Offering (6:20)
06. Doggy Doggy (5:36)
07. Ultra-Heaven (7:32)
08. Total Slaughter (3:41)
09. Program Kneel (6:29)
10. Omega Beacon (6:49)

Скачать: 320K(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)

☼ Karasyozoku - Mischievous Sigyn 1923 MC [LV#002]

Formed by three members, Dr. Torikabuto, Kichi and Annoying Labia in Japan. This debut is standing on the great Japanese earthquake in 1923 which is not only natural disaster but also symbolic political event. Mixed ugly heavy electronics, destructed organ, female vocal and various field recording so on, with concrete elements and old school/post-mortem industrial edge.
Limited to 150 pieces.

01. Sigyn Turned The Basin Over Her Husband At Last (9:43)
02. Strayers Seek Crowd, Even Though They Don't Have The Reason (6:57)
03. Balm From The Crucible Of Corpses (10:10)
04. Fact Is More Horrible Than Drama (6:20)
05. To Be Or Not To Be; Criminals As Existence (6:23)
06. Die Todesfalle Und Die Dirnen (9:48)

Скачать: 256K(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)

☼ Tongue Knax - Sacrosanct Pearl Skin MC [LV#003]

Full-strong harshest pervertion from Japan. Mixed heavy and sonic destructed metal junk roar, solid feedback abuse and throbbing pulse electronics. For PURE erection.
Limited to 100 pieces.

01. Carnal Palace Breaker (15:29)
02. Gospel Of Fair Slit (15:28)
03. Imperial Fiesta (15:25)
04. Thee Glabrous Xanadu (15:21)

Скачать: (HQ) VBR(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)

☼ Polar Moldmentous - Meat Chamber After All MC [LV#004]

One of the most obscure projects since early millennium in Japan. The axis of Polar Moldmentous' mindset is totally focused on the 'birth-death' cycle, and how conflict and despair punishes the human condition. Seriously depressive concrete style with dissolved field recordings, haggard electronics and various acoustic junk sounds of metal & glass debris. All those are connected to the organism with his alter-ego 'Neoctro-System'. No joking around with this insane misanthrope's negative atmosphere.
Limited to 100 pieces.

01. Death Has No Master, So She Is Absolute (23:28)
02. It's Too Late, I'm Already Here... (21:43)

Скачать: 256K(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)

☼ Rhizome Angle Naked Coda - Meteor Bones' Carnival MC [LV#005]

Organized by four members, Thug-Ribs, Amp'n'Tan Pokan!, Cimarron and Kimitake in studio live situation with various electronics including analog synth, self-made gears, shrieking feedback, metal junk units, tape-loops and acoustic equipment. An ugly and filthy ejaculation of harsh tension.
Limited to 100 pieces.

01. Alea Jacta Est (22:10)
02. Der Alte Wurfelt Nicht (22:25)

Скачать: 256K(RS) -or-(MEGA↑)


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