September 25, 2010

☼ Gruntsplatter + Ruhr Hunter - A Split Releases / Triage - The Cessation Of Spoil / Gruntsplatter - The Eulogists Assembly [November 2009 re-post]

Split releases and collaborations are great ways for bands of similar styles to team up and present new material...

☼ Ruhr Hunter / Gruntsplatter - A Split Release

Gruntsplatter (Scott E. Candey) has always been a maleable creature that hovers in the gray area between abrasive noise and dark ambient. Imagine huge, roaring bonfires with shadowy figures skulking about carrying dead things. A bit of tasteful synth work adds that extra brooding touch, confirming that mood and depth of composition have continually been of the first importance for Gruntsplatter.
Ruhr Hunter (Chet W. Scott) offers the healing of the spirit. A vardlokkur's awakening through nature, the old north, and ritual composition. A trance-induced red path cyclic flow of desolate woodland soundscapes, epic drones and belligerent experimentation, woven and ritualized through audible healing transcendence.
Ruhr Hunter composed, performed and recorded in Brooklyn, NY. 12/1996.
Gruntsplatter composed, performed and recorded in San Diego & San Francisco 1997.

Год: 1998
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Glass Throat Recordings

01. Ruhr Hunter: Dust & Ashes (15:29)
02. Ruhr Hunter: The Darkling (19:19)
03. Gruntsplatter: Immolating The Nest (6:03)
04. Gruntsplatter: Horripilation (2:25)
05. Gruntsplatter: Dolmen (8:13)
06. Gruntsplatter: Gressil (5:39)
07. Gruntsplatter: Teirinn (5:25)
08. Gruntsplatter: Hush (6:43)

Скачать: 224K(RS) -or-(DF)

☼ Triage - The Cessation Of Spoil

Triage was a collaborative project between Scott E. Candey (Gruntsplatter) and Chet Scott (Ruhr Hunter) that started in mid-1997, but quickly disrupted when a fire destroyed the flat they shared. Eventually the project made its first audio appearance on the "Baited Breath" double MC comp. with a track called "Organism." Soon followed "The Cessation of Spoil" full-length. While only containing one of those original pre-fire tracks, "Cessation" combines an older industrial feel with clinical power electronics and organic drones.
Composed, performed, recorded and produced Spring/Summer 1999 in San Francisco, CA., except for "Gathering Frost" completed 7/3/1997.

Год: 1999
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Glass Throat Recordings

01. Serum (3:44)
02. Donor (5:40)
03. Genetic Drift (7:42)
04. Proliferate (8:20)
05. Grume (4:56)
06. Incise (2:30)
07. The Stoning (5:36)
08. Natural Order (5:10)
09. Evanesce (8:55)
10. Assume (8:02)
11. Gathering Frost (9:57)

Скачать: 320K(RS) -or-(DF)

☼ Gruntsplatter - The Eulogists Assembly

Written and recorded in Winter-Summer 2004, Portland, OR.

Год: 2005
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Eibon Records

01. The Tireless Slog Of The Infirm (5:23)
02. The Redundancy Of Procreation (6:16)
03. Dissecting The Ceremonial Tongue (6:43)
04. Architectural Scarecrows & The Ashes Of Effigies (5:11)
05. The Fraternal Order Of Hypocrites & Zealots (6:03)
06. Where The Fearful Eat Their Young (6:09)
07. The Beasts That Perished (5:35)
08. A Blight Between The Weeds (6:59)
09. Our Rituals Inform Disease (6:19)
10. The Sour Call Of The Gallows Birds (6:16)

Скачать: VBR(RS) -or-(DF)


Taake said...

Thank you for Gruntsplatter. I've just discovered this project and its fantastic. I want to ask: do you have something from Sickness?

Thank you very much.

\m/etal\m/inx said...

personally, i have many many many releases by Sickness. of those, only 2 have been posted here on the blog. i realize the 'search' function on blogger SUX, so i don't mind at all if people use the 'comments' feature to ask for other stuff. i actually encourage it! since, for example, in order to find these 2 Sickness posts after using 'Search' i then had to repeatedly click the "Older Post" link like 12-13 times until i finally got to the Sickness posts!
ANYWAY, without further blabble, here are the links:


and i'm sure i'll be posting more of my collection, since those two really don't showcase Sickness as great as the project is.



Taake said...

Thank you so much, \m/etal\m/inx!

I will try these ones and I will wait for more, since you've said that "those two really don't showcase Sickness as great as the project is". :)



P.S. In a more personal note, I cant help but asking myself: how big is your music collection? I bet is HUGE o.O