September 15, 2010

☼ Hazard - Wood + Field/Bridge / BJ Nilsen | Hazard - 06_12_03 Generator Festival, Konzerthaus Wien / BJ Nilsen + Z'EV - 22'22" [RE-POST REQUEST]

BJ Nilsen (b, Benny Jonas Nilsen, 1975 Sweden) is a sound and recording artist, who has, since the early '90s, been putting out work in various constellations, creating experimental electronic music, primarily focused on the sound of nature and its effect on humans (environmental, industrial sounds, field recordings) and the perception of time and space as experienced through sound. His debut release on Malignant Records stands out as a tape-collage affair. Afterwards, recordings became laptop computer-based, ambient in composition, and found a home on the seminal experimental label Ash International (R.I.P.) before given wider exposure on sibling label Touch.
Along with recording under the aliases: Hazard, Morthound, and Tape Decay, BJN also keeps busy in groups such as: Janitor, The Freq_Out Orchestra, Evil Madness, and Death Dub.
While remixes and tracks under the Hazard moniker have also been included exclusively on compilations of other labels, most all of his current solo activity is now as BJ Nilsen.
Enjoy! (well, most of the files were deleted by RS, so i edited down this post leaving only 3 of the 18. sorry!)

☼ Hazard - Wood + Field/Bridge

Limited to 1,000 pieces.

Год: 2000
Страна: Sweden

Лейбл: Ash International

01. Fibre Test (4:41)
02. Cut Out Replay (3:07)
03. Location South (4:43)
04. Cords And Branches (11:26)
05. Pylons (4:31)
06. The Logfire (7:37)
01. Field (18:02)
02. Bridge (13:19)


☼ BJ Nilsen | Hazard - 06_12_03 Generator Festival, Konzerthaus Wien

Год: 2004
Лейбл: Touch

01. Untitled (37:51)


☼ BJ Nilsen + Z'EV - 22'22"

Год: 2007
Лейбл: iDEAL Recordings

01. BJ Nilsen: 22'22" (22:22)
02. Z'EV: 22'22" (22:22)
03. BJ Nilsen & Z'EV: Untitled [17'30" of silence removed] (4:52)



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