September 26, 2010

☼ Terg / Mensch Schmerz Interaktion - Verdrängen [November 2009 re-post]

This split release will really fuck with your sanity!
First, Dutch act Terg destroys everything in your head with three tracks in the new style as proposed on "Instinctive Death," leaving behind only chaos and disorder. Fast, harsh noise for fans of Incapacitants.
Then, German project Mensch Schmerz Interaktion infiltrates and infects with hypnotizing, brainwashing sounds. Not just brutal, but also atmospheric, reminding of power electronics projects like Control.

Год: 2006
Страна: Netherlands / Germany
Лейбл: :VENE: [Voor Een Nieuw Europa]

01. Terg: Inner Pain - Inner Torment (13:20)
02. Terg: Something To Remember (14:44)
03. Terg: That's How You'll Die (9:20)
04. Mensch Schmerz Interaktion: Verdrängen [Teil 3] (15:04)
05. Mensch Schmerz Interaktion: Angstzustände (15:37)
06. Mensch Schmerz Interaktion: Kopfhölle (8:24)

Скачать: VBR(RS) -or-(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)

September 25, 2010

☼ Gruntsplatter + Ruhr Hunter - A Split Releases / Triage - The Cessation Of Spoil / Gruntsplatter - The Eulogists Assembly [November 2009 re-post]

Split releases and collaborations are great ways for bands of similar styles to team up and present new material...

☼ Ruhr Hunter / Gruntsplatter - A Split Release

Gruntsplatter (Scott E. Candey) has always been a maleable creature that hovers in the gray area between abrasive noise and dark ambient. Imagine huge, roaring bonfires with shadowy figures skulking about carrying dead things. A bit of tasteful synth work adds that extra brooding touch, confirming that mood and depth of composition have continually been of the first importance for Gruntsplatter.
Ruhr Hunter (Chet W. Scott) offers the healing of the spirit. A vardlokkur's awakening through nature, the old north, and ritual composition. A trance-induced red path cyclic flow of desolate woodland soundscapes, epic drones and belligerent experimentation, woven and ritualized through audible healing transcendence.
Ruhr Hunter composed, performed and recorded in Brooklyn, NY. 12/1996.
Gruntsplatter composed, performed and recorded in San Diego & San Francisco 1997.

Год: 1998
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Glass Throat Recordings

01. Ruhr Hunter: Dust & Ashes (15:29)
02. Ruhr Hunter: The Darkling (19:19)
03. Gruntsplatter: Immolating The Nest (6:03)
04. Gruntsplatter: Horripilation (2:25)
05. Gruntsplatter: Dolmen (8:13)
06. Gruntsplatter: Gressil (5:39)
07. Gruntsplatter: Teirinn (5:25)
08. Gruntsplatter: Hush (6:43)

Скачать: 224K(RS) -or-(DF)

☼ Triage - The Cessation Of Spoil

Triage was a collaborative project between Scott E. Candey (Gruntsplatter) and Chet Scott (Ruhr Hunter) that started in mid-1997, but quickly disrupted when a fire destroyed the flat they shared. Eventually the project made its first audio appearance on the "Baited Breath" double MC comp. with a track called "Organism." Soon followed "The Cessation of Spoil" full-length. While only containing one of those original pre-fire tracks, "Cessation" combines an older industrial feel with clinical power electronics and organic drones.
Composed, performed, recorded and produced Spring/Summer 1999 in San Francisco, CA., except for "Gathering Frost" completed 7/3/1997.

Год: 1999
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Glass Throat Recordings

01. Serum (3:44)
02. Donor (5:40)
03. Genetic Drift (7:42)
04. Proliferate (8:20)
05. Grume (4:56)
06. Incise (2:30)
07. The Stoning (5:36)
08. Natural Order (5:10)
09. Evanesce (8:55)
10. Assume (8:02)
11. Gathering Frost (9:57)

Скачать: 320K(RS) -or-(DF)

☼ Gruntsplatter - The Eulogists Assembly

Written and recorded in Winter-Summer 2004, Portland, OR.

Год: 2005
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Eibon Records

01. The Tireless Slog Of The Infirm (5:23)
02. The Redundancy Of Procreation (6:16)
03. Dissecting The Ceremonial Tongue (6:43)
04. Architectural Scarecrows & The Ashes Of Effigies (5:11)
05. The Fraternal Order Of Hypocrites & Zealots (6:03)
06. Where The Fearful Eat Their Young (6:09)
07. The Beasts That Perished (5:35)
08. A Blight Between The Weeds (6:59)
09. Our Rituals Inform Disease (6:19)
10. The Sour Call Of The Gallows Birds (6:16)

Скачать: VBR(RS) -or-(DF)

☼ Aidan Baker - Remixes [November 2009 re-post]

Aidan Baker is a musician and writer currently based in Toronto, Canada. Classically trained in flute, he is self-taught on guitar, drums and various other instruments. A regular performer in and around Toronto, he has also performed in New York, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco and at such festivals as The Om Festival, Saturation Bombing and The Distillery Jazz Festival. He has numerous releases on independent labels from around the world, is the author of two books of poetry, two poetry chapbooks and has published poetry, fiction and criticism in various international and scholarly journals.
This release offers 11 remixes of tracks taken from various Aidan Baker and/or Nadja releases.
Limited to 250 pieces.

Год: 2005
Страна: Int'l (Canada)
Лейбл: Arcolepsy Records

01. Andrea Marutti: Métamorphose, 2nd Stage [Reconstruction #2] (12:18)
└ source: "Métamorphose en sept étages" (S'agita Recordings)
└ info: recorded & mixed by Andrea Marutti July 2005 @ Lips Vago Digital Studio

02. Millimetrik: Interweaver [Jazzy mix] (5:19)
└ source: "An Intricate Course Of Deception" (Angle Recordings)
└ info: remixed and reworked June 2005 @ Under The Snow Studios, Quebec City, Canada

03. Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks: The Cicada Sings Our Love Song (4:29)
└ source: "Cicatrice" (Dreamland Recordings)
04. Cordell Klier: I've Been Waiting For You (6:48)
└ source: "Loop Studies One" (Laub Records) / "I Fall Into You" (Public Eyesore)
└ info: recorded July/Aug. 2005

05. The Blameshifter: Hands Making Hands (4:36)
└ source: "Element" & "Letters" (Arcolepsy Records)
06. Naw: Cloning [1 Blood Made 2 remix] (7:26)
└ source: "Skein Of Veins" (Phoniq)
└ info: recorded June 2005 @ In The Box Studios, Toronto, Canada

07. Gruntsplatter: Predatory Sediment (6:09)
└ source: "Element" (Arcolepsy Records) / "Pretending To Be Fearless" (Fleshmadeword) / "Concretion" (DTA Records) / "Skin Turns To Glass" & " Bodycage" (NOTHingnes Records)
└ info: all sources and sounds were processed from the original recordings; no additional sources. remixed by Scott E. Candey Aug./Sept. 2005 @ Life Of The Mind Studio, Portland, Oregon

08. Wilt: Breaking Point (7:47)
└ source: "Truth Becomes Death" (Alien8 Recordings)
└ info: James P. Keeler: synth, electronics / Dan Hall: sludge guitars, pedals

09. Fear Falls Burning: Gossamer (8:15)
└ source: "An Intricate Course Of Deception" (Angle Recordings)
└ info: real-time recycling and additional guitar drones; recorded Sept. 2005

10. Troum: When You Scream... (6:12)
└ source: "Concretion" (DTA Records)
└ info: remixed by Troum Aug. 2005

11. Pilotram: Disfigured (8:49)
└ source: "Figures" (Transient Frequency); no additional sounds
└ info: pulled, stretched and arranged Sept./Oct. 2005 by Duane Pitre in New Iberia, LA. and Brooklyn, NY.

Скачать: 320K(RS)

☼ Wasted Doom - EP/De Fabriek|Force Dimension-Split/Clock DVA-Live/Fight In'Unity-Technical Mind/Advanced Art|Two Witches-Split [October 2009 re-post]

by request...
Here's EBM sick-pak #1 for ya'll ;)

☼ Wasted Døøm - Wasted Døøm 12''EP

Performed by Maik Lutterklas & Alexander Schröder. Recorded and mixed by Martin Lück (Brausepöter), Germany 1987. Limited to 200 pieces.

Год: 1987
Лейбл: KM-Musik

01. Hot Rod (5:33)
02. Videogewalt (5:08)
03. Hijacked Plane (3:12)
04. Prediction (6:05)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ De Fabriek / The Force Dimension - Fabrieksforce 7''split EP

Год: 1988
Лейбл: De Fabriek

01. De Fabriek: Cancer / Gomorra (9:55)
02. The Force Dimension: Carcinome (3:23)
03. The Force Dimension: So-Dom (4:30)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ The Force Dimension - Tension EP

Performed, recorded and mixed 07/1989 by René Van Dijck & Tycho de Groot in Twin Music Studio, Brunssum, Holland.

Год: 1989
Лейбл: KK Records

01. Tension (5:33)
02. Menthol (3:57)
03. 200 FA (3:12)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Clock DVA - Transitional Voices

Recorded live in Bologna, Italy, during their European tour 1990.

Год: 1990
Лейбл: Interfisch

01. Transitional Voices (6:34)
02. Sound Mirror (5:50)
03. Syntactic (6:16)
04. N.Y.C. Overload (5:08)
05. Fractal 9 (6:14)
06. Technogeist (5:46)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Fight In'Unity - Technical Mind EP

Performed, recorded and mixed by Alek Leevor & Boris Valg in France 1992. Limited to 300 pieces.

Год: 1992
Лейбл: self-released

01. Technical Mind (6:10)
02. Fighter In Vain (5:01)
03. 3D World (4:54)
04. Blue Aches (3:58)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Advanced Art / Two Witches - Into The Darklands (Early Years 1987-1989)

Год: 1995
Лейбл: Waystyx

01. Two Witches: Cat's Eyes [Black Lipstick mix] (2:47)
02. Advanced Art: From Nothing To Nothing (3:13)
03. Two Witches: A Child (3:14)
04. Advanced Art: Steel (3:29)
05. Two Witches: Pimeyden Jousi [1987 demo] (3:39)
06. Advanced Art: Black Roses (3:36)
07. Two Witches: Nazgûl (1:59)
08. Advanced Art: No Answers No Solutions (3:40)
09. Two Witches: Pimeyden Jousi [1992 remix] (2:29)
10. Advanced Art: This Blue Moment [1988 demo] (4:36)
11. Two Witches: Vampire Girl (3:03)
12. Advanced Art: Life Before Death [1987 demo] (2:49)

Скачать: ALL 6(RS)
Скачать: Fight In'Unity FLAC (RS) -or- (DF)

September 24, 2010

☼ Omei / Cloama / Valence - Decay. Decline. Destruction [October 2009 re-post]

A three way split of dark ambient, power electronics, and death industrial sounds. Omei (USA: Chris Goudreau, aka. Sickness) releases “The Desperation Sessions”; three minimalist compositions all sharing a common link in sample material and utilizing sub-bass frequencies with periodic outbursts of dialog and noise. Cloama (Finland: Jasse Tuukki from continues where past releases left off, further exploring diversity with harsh electronics, environmental industrial sounds, rhythms and distorted vocals. Valence (Canada) is reliant on vocal manipulation. Compositions focus largely on boiling low frequencies contrasting with outbursts of harsh noise and controlled feedback.
Limited to 300 pieces.

Год: 2002
Страна: USA / Finland / Canada
Лейбл: Primitive Air Raid

01. Omei: The Deepest Scars [Understand Me remix] (7:00)
02. Omei: Sleaze (9:36)
03. Omei: Last Gasp (10:10)
04. Cloama: Kontrolloitu Heikkous (5:14)
05. Cloama: Dissemination (4:05)
06. Cloama: Tomorrow Icon (9:11)
07. Cloama: Fanaattisuus Ennenkaikkea (4:00)
08. Valence: Gravesights Are They Sightings (5:21)
09. Valence: Resolution Dissolve (2:38)
10. Valence: Extinguished Lives With Burning Lust (6:55)
11. Valence: An Explanation Of Birds (9:22)

Скачать: 320K-or- FLAC PT.1+PT.2+PT.3(RS)

☼ Jonathan Paul Canady projects: Angel Of Decay - Implements / Deathpile - Triumph Of Death / The Urge Within - Rage [October 2009 re-post]

Here are 3 projects by Jonathan Paul Canady... and some background info:
"My first serious musical venture in the music underground began in 1991 with the industrial metal band Dead World which disbanded in 1999. A significant proportion of the music of Dead World was non-rhythmic dark experimental.
My interest in this type of sound lead to the formation of a purely experimental side project called Torture Chamber in 1993. The band essentially broke up in 1995 and led to my beginning Deathpile that same year.
Deathpile began as a varied experimental / noise project but quickly became pure power electronics (harsh electronic noise with vocals) after the debut release. From 1995 to early 2004 Deathpile recorded many albums that were released on cassette, vinyl and CD internationally and performed live sporadically in Colorado, Chicago and on the East Coast.
During this same time period I collaborated with other experimental artists under the names Blunt Force Trauma (w/ Gruntsplatter's Scott Candey), Hollow Earth (w/ Yen Pox, Blood Box's Michael Hensley) and The Urge Within (w/Deathpile keyboardist David E. Williams).
During the Summer of 2002 I began creating heavy electronic music as a solo artist under the name Angel Of Decay. Angel Of Decay is created using vintage analog synths and other out of date equipment using very primitive methods. Each Angel Of Decay release will most likely be different and united only by my unshakable interest in all things dark and disturbing. This project will be my primary focus for the foreseeable future." ~ Jonathan P. Canady

☼ Angel Of Decay - Implements

Limited to 24 pieces.

Год: 2008
Лейбл: Meditation Records

01. Skimask (5:25)
02. Handcuffs (7:13)
03. Crowbar (8:49)
04. Icepick (7:12)
05. Trash Bags (10:32)
06. Remix Of Implements [remixed by Dissecting Table] (13:54)

Скачать: 320K(RS)

☼ Deathpile - Triumph Of Death MC

Limited to 100 pieces.

Год: 1997
Лейбл: Self Abuse Records

01. The Ecstasy Of Pain (2:48)
02. Strategies Against Bitchilesh (4:43)
03. Gore Whore (5:10)
04. Death Fetish (6:06)
05. River Of Blood [Part 1] (5:05)
06. Sexdeath (5:23)
07. Exsanguination (5:43)
08. Do As You're Told [Final Solution cover] (5:07)
09. Incessant Mutilation (5:06)
10. Murder Machine (5:08)
11. River Of Blood [Part 2] (5:08)
12. Dog Fucking (3:15)

Скачать: 256K(RS)

☼ The Urge Within - Rage

Originally released on MC in 1997, this is a repress of the first cult recordings from this Deathpile side-project.
Limited to 100 pieces.

Год: 1997 (2004)
Лейбл: Labyrinth / Circle Of Shit (Stridulum Recordings)

01. I (6:01)
02. II (5:09)
03. III (5:07)
04. lV (5:26)
05. V (8:42)
06. Vl (11:03)
07. Vll (19:46)


(there were a lot more d/l links on the original post at the old blog than what i've re-posted here. out of respect for the artist and his wishes, those links were removed since the original material is still available direct from the artist @ -- i was told that when they are sold out the links can return.)

☼ Oattes Van Schaik - The Limit (aka. Love Attaxx) [October 2009 re-post]

"Say Yeah," the biggest hit on this album, still brings goose bumps when Gwen Guthrie starts her chorus ‘So many memories, how sweet how love can be…’ with on sax David Sanborn. This album is generally seen as one of the best Dutch 80’s disco funk albums.
The Limit are Bernard Oattes and Rob Van Schaik who released their first single under the name The Limit. Due to legal reasons they couldn’t release their debut album under their name The Limit in America, when they signed with Portrait (an Epic/CBS label). They had to change the artwork and released it under ‘Oattes Van Schaik' (formerly The Limit) with the album name "Love Attaxx." In Holland, Oattes Van Schaik belonged to the top of (crossover) dance music and the single "Say Yeah" scored in many counties. I heard Ed DMX (Krew) loves it! ;)

Год: 1985
Страна: The Netherlands
Лейбл: Portrait

01. Miracles (5:22)
02. Could This Be Love (4:38)
03. Everything About You (4:18)
04. Love Attaxx (3:51)
05. Say Yeah (5:25)
06. Destiny (3:58)
07. Let Me Go (3:51)
08. Crimes Of Passion (5:20)

Скачать: 256K(RS)

☼ The Tapes - Partitura Incompiuta Per Pianola Meccanica MC [October 2009 re-post]

updated quality, as requested...
Relatively unknown and short-lived experimental electronics duo (brothers Giancarlo & Roberto Drago) from Italy. Roberto went on to play on the Order 1968 (now known as Runes Order) debut release.
Limited to 300 pieces.

Год: 1987
Страна: Italy
Лейбл: Minus Habens

01. Slow Lights (2:41)
02. Switch Back Road (2:55)
03. The Lump (3:50)
04. Self-Propelled Limb (3:11)
05. W.B. (3:48)
06. Low Gear (2:25)
07. Banhof (3:32)
08. Hilliness Of Hell (3:14)
09. The Gate (3:23)
10. In The Air (1:27)
11. Oblivion (3:24)
12. Slowly (2:22)

Скачать: 320K(RS)

☼ John Foxx & Robin Guthrie - Mirrorball [October 2009 re-post]

Foxx once said that he wished there were time and opportunity for the Cocteaus to have recorded at The Garden. Well, good things come to those who wait, for they shall have eternal life. Perhaps "Mirrorball" is those sessions at last.
Four years in the making, and his third release of 2009, "Mirrorball" has its roots back in the Twins "Victorialand" heyday c1986, synchronizing at the point where Foxx (V2) began to dissolve. Robin Guthrie's trademark reverb-soaked guitars create an expansive backdrop that is as beautiful as it is inventive. His phrasing and chord sequences defy logic, creating structures whose fragility is at the same time breath-taking, massive and fundamentally honest. Foxx wanders in and out of phase with this, slowly shifting his choral harmonics, Latin-esque vocals and weaving exquisite filigree piano. Neither artist has anything to prove, and the affinity is here and now - with no need to go anywhere else. It is ancient and modern, fact and myth - both one thing and another. The tracks radiate sympathetic warmth and mutual confidence, while at the same time preserving the unique qualities of each (immensely influential) composer.
For all its self-indulgent opulence, there is nothing grandiose about "Mirrorball." It is natural and effortless, ethereal, exultant, tender, luxurious and decadent. Medieval in parts (The Perfect line, Spectroscope), Post-modern and neo-romantic in equal measure (Sunshower, Empire Skyline) - beyond definition throughout (witness the stand out tracks Estrellita and My Life as An Echo). Above all, "Mirrorball" has shimmering presence.
For ten years now, Foxx (V4) has proved a masterful alchemist of minimalism, delicacy and evocation. He may be the quiet man, a ghost in the shadows, but when he steps out, he is Luminous... few can be described as quite so visionary.
If this is what the first gleaming of twilight sounds like, let us bathe in the sunset's blaze. ~ Birdsong.

Год: 2009
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Metamatic

01. Mirrorball (4:15)
02. My Life As An Echo (3:06)
03. The Perfect Line (4:55)
04. Spectroscope (3:24)
05. Estrellita (4:48)
06. Luminous (4:32)
07. Sunshower (3:53)
08. Ultramarine (4:34)
09. Empire Skyline (4:11)

Скачать: 320K(RS)

☼ Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - ONANI (Practice Makes Perfect) [October 2009 re-post]

Two years in the making, inspired partly by la petit mort, the little death achieved by one's own hands or by the hands of others. The music is in the ever-evolving sound of O.R.E., seductive and somber – this time possibly with a more "pop" orientation, which makes the songs all the more poignant, yet continuing in the O.R.E. tradition of opulent depravity and decadent beauty!
This version was limited to 444 pieces.

Год: 2009
Страна: Sweden
Лейбл: CMI

01. Glory To Thee, My Beloved Masturbator (3:37)
02. [Remember] What You Sow Is What You Reap (4:29)
03. Can You Hear The Devils Laughing? [Or Is It Just Me] (4:28)
04. The Love And Defiance Of Being Alive (5:32)
05. Let Me Show You, All The Secrets Of The Torture Garden (3:40)
06. Too Late For Innocence, Too Late For Regret [Four Hands Please Better Than Two] (4:57)
07. Forgive Me, I Am Not Satan; I Am Mary Just Like You (3:42)
08. C U M, And Let Me Lead You Far Astray (4:14)
09. Amore Rosso, Amore Marrone, Amore Nero [Il Waltzer Del Lupo Mannaro] (3:58)
10. I W I L L; Even After The Flowers Are Gone (5:02)
11. Confessions Of A Sinflower 4:39)

Скачать: 320K-or- FLAC PT.1+PT.2(RS)

☼ Ah Cama-Sotz - Rites Of The Flesh 3''EP [October 2009 re-post]

There are many ways one might describe Ah Cama-Sotz. Electronic, ambient, atmospheric, and experimental are just a few. But, the music is more than its sound. It is the mood and emotion the music evokes. Klapholz 's earlier works were quite rhythmic and broke into ritualistic ambient. As the music evolved and changed over time, it continued down its dark path and became even more doomy and haunting. Themes continue to deal with some very heavy issues, and touch on the dark side of mankind.
Recorded and mixed between October & November 2002 at Terra Inhibita, this release was originally scheduled to be a 7''EP on L.S.D. Organisation, until the label ended.
Limited to 520 pieces.

Год: 2003
Страна: Belgium
Лейбл: Bats & Cats

01. Domination [Fascination] (7:58)
02. Sadistic Impulses [Fantasy] (8:46)
03. The Taste For Spanking [Flesh] (3:51)

Скачать [w/scans]: 320K-or- FLAC(RS)