August 04, 2010

☼ Underground Resistance - Riot 12'' / Dark Energy 2x12'' (UR & Mad Mike & Suburban Knight) / Suburban Knight - By Night 12'' [January 2009 re-post]

Operating with military precision and detail, UR is the definition of what underground techno music is worldwide. Through their music they made the city of Detroit a magical place of global inspiration for thousands of people throughout the world.
Begun in the early '90s by second-wave trinity Jeff Mills, "Mad" Mike Banks, and Robert "Noise" Hood, UR adapted the flavor and kick of early Detroit techno to the complex social, political, and economic circumstances in the wake of Reagan-era accelerated inner-city decline, and was formed as an outlet for uncompromising music geared toward awareness and change.
The early UR catalog is defined by a typically Detroit combination of Motown and Chicago soul, and ruthless, at times caustic lo-fi techno, acid, and electro (Mills' background is in, among other things, Chicago industrial and EBM-style electro-techno, with Banks and Hood both coming from a solid house and techno base). Much of the label's early output was the product of various permutations of Banks, Mills, and Hood, both solo and in combination, before Mills and Hood left UR in 1992 to pursue (and achieve) international success.
To our brothers and sisters of the Underground - stay low, stay strong, stay Underground!

☼ Underground Resistance - Riot 12''EP

Год: 1991
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Underground Resistance

01. Riot (4:51)
02. Panic (4:57)
03. Rage (7:21)
04. Assault (4:14)

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☼ Suburban Knight / Mad Mike / UR - Dark Energy 2x12''

Dark Energy is the first in a series of sonic strikes engineered by UR to be carried out during the winter equinox of star year 1994-1995, against programmer strongholds. The primary strike will consist of a series of 6 dark energy waves.

This mission will be carried out by Nitestrike leader James (Suburban Night) Pennington. The Dark Energy Waves will engulf the Earth in a ultraviolet Midnight Sunshine allowing the Suburban Night and other resistance forces worldwide to finally see the truth and pinpoint programmer positions for the now mobile UR divisions moving out of Detroit for the upcoming assault worldwide.

Год: 1994
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Underground Resistance

01. Suburban Knight: Midnite Sunshine (11:45)
02. Suburban Knight: Mau Mau [The Spirit] (6:35)
03. Suburban Knight: Mind Of A Panther (3:15)
04. Mad Mike: Stargate (4:21)
05. UR: Acid Africa [Roots Electric] (6:35)
06. UR: Atomic Witchdokta (9:30)

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☼ The Suburban Knight - By Night 12''EP

Год: 1996
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Underground Resistance

01. Echo Location (7:01)
02. Echo Location [Bat Trance edit] (5:03)
03. The Warning (6:27)
04. Nightvision (5:18)

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