August 18, 2010

☼ Reichstag - Reichstag Motel

Reichstage (formerly known as Reichstag Motel) is the moniker for Jim Aguayo, an artist who focuses on the exploration of sound textures through repetition, using heavy ambience and distorted instruments, amongs others.
The sounds offered here are provided by the artist as a free digital download in multiple formats.

Release Year(s): 2010
Artist(s) Country: Chile
Label(s): self-released

Track Listing:
01. Untitled I (16:24)
02. Untitled II (11:47)
03. Untitled III (10:40)
04. Untitled IV (13:38)
05. Untitled VI (14:40)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

is it possible to upload some of the VINYL ON DEMAND series (i think all releases from VOD are interesting) ????

Thanks a lot....