August 11, 2010

☼ Pain Teens - Manmade Disasters MC [December 2007 re-post]

Pain Teens were originally a solo project started in the early '80s by guitarist Scott Ayers while he was a student at University of Houston. He had experimented with reel-to-reel tape machines, tape-loops, cassette manipulations, guitar effects and created some tracks similar to those on "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" by Brian Eno and David Byrne… except Scott's aesthetic was much more extreme and dark, very satirical and politically charged. Enter Bliss Blood, who'd met Scott in Anthropology class. Bliss was interested in singing and making "industrial" music, so in 1985 the two of them joined forces and began making home recordings of their industrial 'improvisations.' Their interest with H.P. Lovecraft and M.R. James provided much welcomed imagery and song titles (for example: "Brown Jenkin", "Count Magnus", "Mindless Piping" and of course the epic 20 min. "Shadow Over Innsmouth") and with Scott's relentless daily recording schedule, they never lacked for new tracks, so there was always plenty to experiment with. After about 2 years of honing their music-making talents, they were finally ready to start releasing their cassettes and Anomie Records was born.

Release Year(s): 1987
Artist(s) Country: USA
Label(s): Anomie Records

Track Listing:
01. Night Of Pain (1:40)
02. Night Of Sorrow (8:17)
03. Slaughterhouse 666 (2:05)
04. Mute Desires (4:11)
05. You Got To Waste It (1:44)
06. The Chair (3:11)
07. The Wind From Nowhere (2:04)
08. Chile/Holy Habit (9:09)
09. A Knife (5:10)
10. Walpurgis Night (4:58)
11. Freedom Is On The March [Call Jim] (4:06)
12. Sex Ed. (0:56)
13. Surfin' Tide (1:59)
14. Grrrr… (1:31)
15. The Squeal (1:26)
16. Turn Turn Turn (1:48)
17. Secret Is Sickness (2:15)
18. Tapes (1:50)
19. Chain Gang (2:48)
20. Drum & Cat (4:13)
21. Puzzling Diagnoses (8:32)
22. Junk Jam (3:32)
23. Amidst The Rubble (4:05)
24. Valley Of Dried Bones (0:59)
25. Lost Compulsion (1:26)
26. 17%/Your Father/Bombs (4:22)
27. Jazz Scum (2:40)
28. Mindless Piping (2:08)

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A. A. said...

This Pain Teens cass. is EXTREMELY rare, thank you! Do you have any of their other cass. only releases?

Plague Recordings said...

nice one D!

DarkLord said...

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