August 14, 2010

☼ Leviathan - Shrouded By Fog / ...Of Revisionism And Relinquishment (+ Grimbergen) [July 2009 re-post]

Leviathan (now LVTHN) is a ritual dark ambient project from Gaendaal (Wraiths / Sigillum Dei). Gorgeously bleak and mysteriously abstract, an ambient world of strange sonic events and ominous drones.

☼ Leviathan - Shrouded By Fog

Год: 2003
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Monkeyhouse Recordings

01. The Blood-Slicked Sea (4:54)
02. Corpselight (8:54)
03. A Land Of Mist... (6:53)
04. ...And Shadows (5:51)
05. Frostbitten (3:30)
06. Clocktower (5:16)
07. The Seawitch's Lament (10:52)

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☼ Leviathan / Grimbergen - ...Of Revisionism And Relinquishment

"...Of Revisionism and Relinquishment" is a split release with Grimbergen (Nathan Clemence with production help from Luis Albornoz) and comprises of six previously unreleased tracks (three from each artist) echoing the sounds of Edinburgh's darkest secrets and her blackest places.

Год: 2004
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Monkeyhouse Recordings

01. Leviathan: The Stormwind's Return (6:18)
02. Leviathan: As The Bells Die [Revisiting The Clocktower] (7:13)
03. Grimbergen: The Unattainable Object [Leviathan's All Hope Is Lost remix] (7:27)
04. Leviathan: Entering The Painfields [Grimbergen remix] (8:56)
05. Grimbergen: Exit Release (7:32)
06. Grimbergen: Is This The Place ? (11:29)

Скачать: BOTH(RS)

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