August 11, 2010

☼ Gastunk - Deadman's Face EP

Gastunk were a great 'genre-bending'Japanese punk-metal band from the '80s. (a slightly more informative 'bio' is here.) In 2010, the band has reformed, and this is the first release of the reunited, reinvigorated, reinvented, ガスタンク!!!
The release begins with the title track “Deadman's Face” which really goes back to the pretty raw sound they had in the '80s. It hits you straight up with some ripping shredding guitar, and that pretty much continues for most of the track. “Cold Blood” slows things down a lot and is a more melodic track that reminds me of the Japanese heavy metal band, Dead End, a bit. At least some of the track is sung in English and there is a ripping guitar solo section. “No More Trouble” is the last track and this has a reggae guitar riff and groove which totally took me by surprise but I really dig this track a lot. I wonder if they were listening to the new Flower Travelin' Band a lot? Three tracks in three totally different styles... Gastunk strangeness is back!

Release Year(s): 2010
Artist(s) Country: Japan
Label(s): Savanna Kitchen

Track Listing:
01. Deadman's Face (5:09)
02. Cold Bood (5:18)
03. No More Trouble (4:58)

Скачать: 320K-or- FLAC(RS)

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