August 10, 2010

☼ Exsanguinate - The Black Acts [May 2009 re-post]

Side project from Thomas Garrison of Control, Exsanguinate developed to explore the evolution of humanity's fascination with torture and cruelty to itself. The machinery and psychology of torture's shadow on history is explored through densely layered and detailed compositions that seek to convey the fear, intimidation, savagery and dread associated with such things. Sonically, Exsanguinate is closer to death industrial and dark ambient atmospheres than to the more power electronics leaning of Control.

Год: 2002
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Crionic Mind

01. Punishment For All Crimes (5:21)
02. Two Thousand Volts (6:57)
03. A Torturous End (5:20)
04. The Mazzatello (4:43)
05. The Final Hour (4:58)
06. Punishing The Dead (5:12)
07. Science Of Hanging (4:59)
08. Dissident Asylum (5:03)
09. Peine Forte Et Dure (4:42)
10. Skeffingtons Gyves (5:12)
11. Beneath The Gallows (4:58)
12. The Black Acts (5:05)
13. Silence And Separation (5:09)

Скачать: 320K(RS)

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