August 01, 2010

☼ Dali's Car - The Waking Hour [February 2009 re-post]

Dali's Car was a musical group formed in 1984 by Peter Murphy (vocalist), Mick Karn (bassist, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist) and Paul Vincent Lawford (rhythm construction). Shortly after Murphy and Karn left their former bands (Bauhaus and Japan, respectively). They recorded one album, "The Waking Hour," and released one single, "The Judgement is The Mirror."
The recording of the album took place in unusual circumstances, as neither Karn nor Murphy spent much time together in the recording studio, preferring to send tapes back and forth between each another, to work on alone.
The album, a collection of keyboard and bass-driven songs, was a commercial failure and the duo soon disbanded.

Год: 1994
Страна: UK
Лейбл: Paradox Records

01. Dali's Car (5:12)
02. His Box (4:42)
03. Cornwall Stone (5:19)
04. Artemis (4:37)
05. Create And Melt (5:36)
06. Moonlife (4:56)
07. The Judgement Is The Mirror (4:38)

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