August 05, 2010

☼ Control - Natural Selection / The Means To An End [March 2009 re-post]

By request, more Control... enjoy it sickos! ;)

☼ Control - Natural Selection

Over the years, Control has become one of the most powerful and unrelenting power-noise acts worldwide. The word "noise" can have several different meanings, but for "Natural Selection" I feel new ones should be written to correctly understand this music. If "entertainment" is what you're looking for, stay away from it. If "easy listening" is your cup of tea, avoid this release like a plague! But if concrete and abrasive, consuming & devastating, evolving & mutating are some of the adjectives of your favourite music, then give "Natural Selection" a try. I am reasonably sure you'll find "bread for your teeth."

Год: 2003
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Eibon Records

01. Removal (5:54)
02. Breaking The Will (5:03)
03. Natural Selection (6:07)
04. Destroying The Senses (5:48)
05. The Beauty Of Disease (5:43)
06. Hunting Ground (5:31)
07. Contaminate (5:59)
08. Disposal (5:07)
09. Exterminate (5:33)

Скачать: 320K(RS)

☼ Control - The Means To An End

Redefining the concept of aural aggression. Structured, multi-layered, hyper-complex power noise. Sharp like a surgical scalpel and powerful like a demolition hammer, Control music adds a new meaning to the abused "power electronics" definition. A fierce beast constrained (temporarily.....) in a steel cage, far too small to contain its natural aggressiveness. The cage won't last forever......

Год: 2005
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Eibon Records

01. Excoriate (5:40)
02. The Means To An End (6:06)
03. Execute (6:07)
04. The Survival Of It All (6:02)
05. Hatred Of Humans (6:01)
06. The Machine (6:19)
07. My Struggle (6:30)
08. Line To The Slaughter (5:27)
09. Wait To Die (6:03)

Скачать: 256K(RS)

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