August 16, 2010

☼ Con-Dom / The Grey Wolves - Consumer Electronics #5 DVD [January 2009 re-post]

Live split DVD with the UK masters of cultural noise terrorism live at the Consumer Electronics #5 Festival on April 10th 2004. This is their best live video recordings and shows off the fantastic power electronics and heavy power-noise you've come to expect from these acts. Perfect sound and clear images... just so you know this isn't some fan-made bootleg job.
Limited to 500 pieces.

Год: 2005
Страна: UK
Лейбл: L. White Records

Con-Dom: A Live Manifestation of “The Color Of A Man's Skin”
01. Ebony And Ivory
02. Michael
03. Nation Of Islam
04. Well Hung
05. Bath Of Bleach
06. Control-Resistance
07. Ebony And Ivory [Reprise]

The Grey Wolves: The 100404 Grey Wolves Display
01. Not Your Country
02. Blood Lover Blood Hater
03. Hate Crime
04. Beyond Hypocrisy
05. Religion
06. Victory Through Violence

Скачать: PAL DVD(MEGA↑)


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I remember getting this from the old Sickness Abounds, I was so thrilled. I thanked you then and I thank you again!

Do you happen to have any other interesting PE dvds or .avi's, etc?


\m/etal\m/inx said...

yes, i have some more DVDs, AVI and MPGs of PE, industrial, noise, dark ambient, etc. now that RS allows uploads of 500MB, i might start offering more of that stuff since the amount of rar parts will be lower.
who knows ;)


Anonymous said...

...oh yes please....
more DVD´s......