July 06, 2010

☼ Rukkanor - Despartica (Face One & Face Two) [January & November 2008 re-post]

Rukkanor's real name is Robert Marciniak. Rukkanor ambitiously combines the orchestral bombast of The Protagonist with the thundering rhythm of Sephiroth, and throws in middle eastern music, jazz woodwinds, and gregorian chants.

☼ Rukkanor - Despartica (Face One)

This full-length from Rukkanor (Robert Marciniak) presents the listener with desires, beliefs, dreams, emotions, experiences, beauty of life and sight of inevitable death in 19th and 20th Century poems. Unafraid to experiment and blend various musical genres together, Rukkanor creates a result that is not at all grotesque, but rather calls us on a journey somewhere far away –not necessarily a safe place, but certainly an interesting one and with a lot of surprises.
Think early Dead Can Dance with late '80s/early '90s Michael Gira (Swans) and a dash of In Slaughter Natives.

Год: 2007
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: War Office Propaganda

01. The Death Bed (4:53)
02. Beauty And Beauty (4:24)
03. I Am (4:31)
04. A Poison Tree (5:11)
05. Before The World Was Made (6:07)
06 Anthem For Doomed Youth (4:17)
07. The Divine Image - A Song Of Experience (3:51)
08. Jerusalem (4:55)
09. The Old Woman (3:30)
10. Echo (3:15)

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☼ Rukkanor - Despartica (Face Two)

With the second part of "Despartica," the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry (this time in more gothic and electromantic 'musical sauce') you'll find a mixture of styles and musical ages... echoes of '70s electronics, neu-romantix from the '80s (OMD, Numan, Heaven 17, Visage, etc.), a bit of industrial, a pinch of ebm, and a touch of synth-goth. Good schtuff!
Achtung! No martial nor neo-folk songs to be found on Face Two... look above for that! ;)

Год: 2008
Страна: Poland
Лейбл: Rage In Eden Records

01. Death (4:31)
02. Leisure (3:58)
03. A Long Long Sleep A Famous Sleep (3:36)
04. Sea Fever (3:58)
05. High Flight (4:29)
06. The One Grief (4:12)
07. Mad Song (5:15)
08. Stars (3:49)
09. The Dead (4:54)
10. When You Are Old (2:21)
11. Past Present Future (3:30)

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