July 06, 2010

☼ Macronympha - Obliteration (w/Government Alpha) / Intensive Care / The Comfort Zone aka. “Slash” (w/The Grey Wolves) [December 2008 re-post]

By request...
"More like a mirror we reflect society, some things you might not ordinarily look at. A dark and perversely twisted photo-journalism. Freaks and other like-minded individuals aren't the only people who can look past "-isms" and "-ologies" to find a relevant voice. NOISE is as old as millions of years of volcanic eruption and mountain erosion. The modern industry of metal and machines added more to this mix. All we do is use everything at our disposal to record the true power that had been filling the airwaves since the beginning of time." -- Joseph Roemer (Macronympha)

☼ Macronympha / Government Alpha - Obliteration

Год: 1996
Страна: USA / Japan
Лейбл: Xerxes / Mother Savage Noise Productions

01. Macronympha: Fifty Years Ahead Is Fifty Years Behind (8:01)
02. Government Alpha: The 13th Floor (9:32)
03. Macronympha: Transform Correlation Technique (7:12)
04. Government Alpha: Mock Trial (Moderate Torture) (3:26)
05. Macronympha: Shatterbrained (6:16)
06. Government Alpha: Reduced To Ashes (9:13)
07. Macronympha: Brute Force (4:23)
08. Government Alpha: Chloroform (Cerebral Haemorrhage Mix) (7:30)
09. Macronympha: Ride The Screeching Beast (To Know Death... Be Death) (7:22)
10. Government Alpha: Missile To Hell (5:51)


☼ Macronympha - Intensive Care

Год: 1998
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Self Abuse Records

01. Fucking My Nurse In The Dark [After She Gives Me The Morphine Shot] (23:38)
02. Flesh-Eating Bacteria (23:37)
03. Polygamic Cyst (10:53)
04. Ruptured Spleen (14:05)


☼ The Grey Wolves / Macronympha - The Comfort Zone aka. “Slash”

Supposedly this is another re-release of the “Slash” MC from 1993, even though the track listing doesn't match. I don't know the story behind the differences, and I don't have a copy of the original "Slash" MC to compare it to, but this is the track listing found on the packaging of this version. It's on Trevor Ward's label, who is a founding member and one half of The Grey Wolves... so, you'd think it would be accurate. But then in 2009, Rodger Stella (of Macronympha) re-issued it with an almost identical artwork to the Sol Niger 1st edition with the other track listing.
It's very cornfusion... but maybe I've missed something. It's been known to happen. ;)

Год: 1993 (2002)
Страна: UK / USA
Лейбл: Sol Niger / Open Wound

01. Maimed For Life (1:37)
02. Assassin Of The Future (5:19)
03. Individual Powers (3:03)
04. Seeds Of Insanity (6:56)
05. Executioner Of Morality (3:59)
06. Dirt Behind The Daydream (3:35)
07. Into The Heart (3:57)
08. The Cancerous Cell (3:01)
09. Working To Erase (3:13)
10. Polluting Fresh Young Minds (3:47)
11. Lowest Options (5:46)
12. Manipulate (3:10)
13. Soul Destroying Weapon (3:37)

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