July 06, 2010

☼ Dyade - Metabol E.P. (aka. Carsten Endrass / Markant) [December 2008 re-post]

This is the first release on the Markant label, and the only collaboration effort by Carsten Endrass, the man... the myth... the legend behind all that is Markant. Chunky, clinkety, A(ph)e(x)-esque IDM for the elites.
Limited to 100 pieces.

Год: 1997
Страна: Bavaria
Лейбл: Markant

01. Untitled (5:05)
02. Untitled (5:40)
03. Untitled (5:29)
04. Untitled (6:32)
05. Untitled (5:59)
06. Untitled (5:38)

Скачать 320K: (RS)

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Anonymous said...

Weirdly enough, I found a used copy of this circa 2002 at Amoeba in Berkeley. $4.95. Looked like it had come from a DJ collection, with a fair amount of wear. Cover is cheap and ugly. The music sounds great.