July 04, 2010

☼ Crash Worship - Triple Mania II [February 2009 re-post]

San Diego’s Crash Worship have existed since 1987, bringing their unique variety of rhythm-based music to the public, both through their beautiful recordings and their stunningly-powerful live shows.
Early on, Crash Worship released a number of cassettes and vinyl EPs on their own Alarma label. Then came their first 'disc' release, “¡Espontaneo!” which collected live recordings. In 1992, it was Cold Spring who released the “Asesinos” disc, which compiled remixed and remastered versions of the band’s favorite tracks from their cassettes and vinyl releases... but it wasn't until after a hiatus and a line-up change (and playing gigs all over the the U.S. several times) that the band’s first 'true' album of studio recordings was released... that being “Triple Mania II," by Charnel Music.
Limited to 2,500 pieces.
[updated note: of the 12 or so Crash Worship releases on the original blog, this is the only one that escaped the unruly file-deleting axe-chops of RS. sorry!]

Год: 1994
Страна: USA
Лейбл: Charnel Music

01. Wild Mountain (3:15)
02. Pyru (5:06)
03. Phuchi (5:03)
04. Muscolos (4:48)
05. TCB (4:01)
06. Triple Mania I (3:39)
07. Night Shoe (4:29)
08. Vitamin X (2:41)
09. Bring Me The Head Of Jeff Mattson (3:23)
10. Git On Home (4:25)
11. Live NYC '92 (11:56)



masonoise said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this one. A couple of quick and very minor corrections, just for the hell of it... "Espontaneo" wasn't a collection of live recordings, but a single live show. We set up when the band played at Komotion here in San Francisco and recorded the set to 8-channel tape, which they took home and mixed. "Triple Mania II" wasn't limited to 2,500 copies -- there were 1,500 copies of it released in the cardboard jacket with screen-printed copper, along with 500 promo copies. The second pressing was in jewel box, and a few thousand were sold. It was also licensed for sale in Europe, with a separate pressing, and a very limited edition on cassette with copper insert were sold as well.

Just figured I'd share some details, as the guy who released these on Charnel. Great albums from one of the best live bands that ever existed.

-- Mason

J.H.M. said...

Love your blog!

Are you going to re-up any of the slashed-down Crash Worship?